WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength. Player Profiles. Group E

Nov 28 2018 4 min read

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It is now time to know more about participants from Group E of WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength. This group is a mix of professional players, caster and a pro-scene beginner. An interesting matchup to be honest. Hopefully, it will be as exciting as it sounds.

David ''Lumi'' Zhang

Country: United States

Organization: Beyond the Summit

Game Background: Dota 2




David is a Creative producer & Product manager for Beyond The Summit, an eSports production company. He is a real fount of knowledge about Dota, because he started casting in the summer of 2009 and haven't stopped ever since. Lumi’s style of casting is very strategic and educational based, though he plans to get much better on the play-by-play aspect as well. Also, he is three times The International caster. David loves all sorts of games: board games, card games and of course video games. Let’s see how his curiosity and knowledge base will help him in WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength.

His strength is: BlessRNG 

Jan "SuperJJ" Janssen

Country: Germany
Organization: compLexity Gaming
Game Background: Hearthstone, Gwent

SuperJJ had huge success with Hearthstone and he also has been very passionate about Gwent. The player confessed recently on YouTube that he isn’t sure if he’s going to move on with Gwent and will become competitive in Artifact.

Hopefully, Artifact will keep SuperJJ hooked for a long time since he’s a very talented player with a unique approach to the game.

His strength is: luck

Pascal "PMayne" Maynard

Country: Canada
Organization: No Team
Game Background: Magic: The Gathering

One of the pillars of Magic community with tons of followers and fans. PMayne has been an active player since 2010 when he started competing in local and international tournaments. He has 2 wins in Grand Prix tier tournaments which is a very high result for any magic player.

Pascal’s streams are very educational, he explains what he’s about to do before most of the turns, providing any viewer with a valuable knowledge about the game.

PMayne didn’t go far in Artifact Preview Tournament, but if he takes time to prepare for Strength, which will be played in Constructed mode, he will be a tough nut to crack.

His strength is: Grasping the big picture of a matchup and adapting to it. 

Eric "MELO" Mellberg


Country: Sweden

Organization: No Team

Game Background: Artifact



Eric is the only today's player with no professional background in competitive CCG, although one would describe him as a "young genius". Well, not so young to be honest. Eric has entered his thirties while his devotion to Artifact is calmly neighbouring with a usual life of full value, everyday work and a loving family.

Being a husband and a father, MELO finds enough time to sharpen his skills in Artifact claiming he's among the top earners in the game's beta. He has won a closed tournament and reached TOP8 three times while he TOP8'd in Draft mode twice, and judging by his progress we have high hopes for his performance in WePlayArtifact tournament.

It is worth noting that his CCG experience is not backed up by other games of the genre although there's an advantage as well - simply because Epic has a clear vision of the mechanics and the dedication to a single game.

His strength is: Rich experience in Artifact one and only.

Check out tournament preview to know more about the groups, when and where to watch WePlay! Mighty Triad: Strength


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