WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength. Player Profiles. Group B

Nov 27 2018 4 min read

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With WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad approaching fast, we continue to unveil the faces of the best players from around the globe who will fight for the title of the champion in a brand new collectible card game by Valve. Yesterday you saw participants of Group H and now it’s time to check out Group B that has famous players from HearthstoneMagic The Gathering, chess and even the first champion of the official Artifact event!

Joel "Heffaklumpen" Larsson


Country: Sweden
Organization: Team Revelation
Career: Magic: The Gathering pro-player

To begin with, Joel is the first in the history to become a winner of the official Artifact tournament from Valve. It was he who won the recent Preview Tournament and earned $4,000. But fancying CCGs he started back in 2006, when he decided to succeed in Magic: The Gathering for sure. Besides the fact that Heffaklumpen plays collectible card games very well, he also cooks well.

His Strength is: Intuition and experience. If I'm in the zone, I'm also analytical and can become unstoppable.

Stanislav "LuckBox" Cifka

Country: Czech Republic
Organization: Omnislash
Game Background: Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, Chess

LuckBox is another player with deep roots in gaming that go far beyond Hearthstone. Back in 2006, Stanislav acquired the title of FIDE Master in chess, he is also an internationally recognized Magic: The Gathering player. In Hearthstone he won more than $70,000 and is considered one of the top contenders for WePlay! Artifact Invitational.

He has been studying Artifact since it was released in the closed beta. You can find LuckBox’s guides on Reddit and different game-related sites. If you are looking for a good streamer with a solid approach to the game, you should definitely check out LuckBox.

His Strength is: Creative deckbuilding 

Pavel "Pavel" Beltukov

Country: Russia
Organization: Free Agent
Game Background: Hearthstone

Pavel is one of the youngest and deadliest members of Strength's line-up at the same time. He is the one who defeated DrHippi in 2016 Hearthstone World Championship. Since that time Pavel had lots of deep runs and victories and he is one of the top earning players in Hearthstone.

Pavel showed a lot of consistency throughout his career — two times he was only one match victory away from making it to Blizzcon 2017. With a new game and new tournament, this prodigy might become #1 in the world again and we hope to witness his rise during WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad.

His Strength is: Passion towards the game, experience, analysis and luck.

Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert

Country: Germany
Organization: SK Telecom T1
Game background: Hearthstone

Xixo is Hoej’s teammate and they both used to be on Natus Vincere. Sebastian is a true TCG veteran, he attended a massive amount of LANs and won more than $150,000. His biggest achievement in the current team SK Telekom T1 is getting second place at Gold Club World Championship 2017.

The player loves to tweet about his matches and share his experience as well as occasional memes (his Twitter is linked above).

His Strength is: Focus


So now you know contenders from Group B and that would be hell of a clash once WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength starts. As always, you can find more information about the tournaments group and invited players right here.


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