WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility - The Final Day Recap

Jan 20 2019 5 min read

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Round of 8

Petrify (0) vs. swim (2)

The first game started well for swim as he didn’t lose a single blue hero to Petrify’s Red line-up. The Australian player cast an early ToT in the first lane and sent Axe bot with Dark Seer. Two turns later, Dark Seer sent EotQ to the second lane and swim began running out of options. The game turned when swim found Helm of the Dominator and Dominated EotQ in the middle lane. Swim closed the game with Ancient lethal made possible by that EotQ.

In the second game, it was swim’s turn to cast ToT on mana turn four. He then found another ToT in the first lane and closed the game.

Overall this series went very smoothly for swim after he bought Helm of the Dominator in the first game.

MyGoodMate (1) vs Stormlike (2)

MyGoodMate managed to get an early advantage in the left- and mid-lane in the first match and Stormlike was compelled to do things like dispersing of creeps with Duel. At one point he even summoned Thunderhide Alpha to use as a body blocker, but it wasn’t enough to stop the bleeding.

In the second game, Stormlike was the one with better board presence; he even cast Allseeing One's Favor to solidify advantage on one of the lanes. At one point, both players lost all presence on lane #3, and abandoned it for a while.

Stormlike couldn’t catch a break and get favorable card draws. On mana turn seven he found neither ramp tools, nor any seven- or eight-mana cards. The game turned during mana turn nine, when Stormlike cast the dinosaurs and equipped Helm of the Dominator to counter body blockers from MyGoodMate.

Game #3 was a race between MyGoodMate’s Red-Black agro and Stormlike’s Green-Blue ramp/control. At mana turn six Stormlike unleashed Incarnation of Selemene and wiped all enemy heroes across the board. A couple of turns later he won the game by razing Ancient with an insane overkill.

Hoej (0) vs. Shana (2)

Hoej found his ramp tools sooner and captured board control with ToT on mana turn five. Shana very soon answered with his late-game cards and razed two lanes before Hoej had time to knock down Ancient.

Hoej dropped an early Mist of Avernus in the second lane and quickly gained dangerous high-attack creeps. Unfortunately, he lost the other two lanes and had to concede.

TenShi (0) vs. MaggoGx (0)

In the first game, TenShi played early EotQ, but couldn’t control the lane with that unit and completely lost presence in the third lane. Players traded two lanes and had to fight for the first lane to win. MaggoGx made a risky decisive move at the end with his deploys, and it paid off.

It was TenShi’s turn to gamble in the second game, and it didn’t work – MaggoGx cast Berserker’s call when his opponent tried to ramp with Stars Align and get enough mana for ToT.

MaggoGx won his second series straight by casting Aphotic Shield on the enemy Bristleback and purge ToT.

Round of 4

Shana (2) vs. Stormlike (1)

Shana developed an early Mist of Avernus on the second lane early on, and Stormlike had to dedicate many resources to stop that lane from going out of control. The game turned, when Stormlike cast ToT and overrun the second lane, while also destroying lane #3. 

Shana applied a lot of pressure early on in game #2 with early ToT and collapsed the tower on the first lane. Stormlike developed a wide second lane with Prey on the Weak, but couldn’t stall the third lane effectively, and the series was tied.

Stormlike let Shana take control over two lanes early on in game #3 and tried to contest the first lane with two blue heroes. He hoped to find Incarnation of Selemene and go off with Ogre Magi in the lane, but the card draws didn’t go in his favor. Shana used that turn to take control of the rest of the board and finish the opponent with a one-two punch.

MaggoGx (2) vs swim (1)

MaggoGx was lucky with the flop, getting OD and Luna in front of the Red heroes. Next turn Zeus went into his comrades’ footsteps and spawned in front of LC. It tooks a lot of fancy footwork for swim to gradually cone back to the game, which he closed with Bolt of Damocles. The second game was replayed due to a tie.

In the repeated second game, MaggoGx focused on the Green heroes of swim to disrupt ramping. He also made a curious Assassin’s Veil purchase from Secret Shop and equipped it on LC. swim was put on a timer when MaggoGx unleashed Red Mist Pillager on the third lane and did all he could to stop the ramp play. The American player didn’t get enough space to slow the opponent down.

In the final game of the series, MaggoGx played very early EotQ in the first lane and forced swim to try and stem the bleeding or race the other two lanes before losing Ancient. The writing was on the wall when MaggoGx drew ToT, swim even played Duel between the two of his heroes to celebrate his opponent's victory.


Shana vs. MaggoGx

In game one, both players found a lane to abandon and started fighting for the left side of the board. MaggoGx found a way to put the pressure on the opponent by dropping Red Mist Pillager on “his” lane. Funnily enough, Ravage pretty much sealed the deal for MaggoGx and stopped the opponent from preventing the collapse of his Ancient.

In the second game, Shana got unlucky with the card draws and couldn’t find the eight-mana tools but captured two lanes nevertheless. MaggoGx, on the other hand, did draw EotQ early and started threatening Ancient on the middle lane, while stalling on the right.

The strategy worked out perfectly, and MaggoGx became the winner of WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility.


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