WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility - Group G predictions

Jan 18 2019 3 min read

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WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility group stage sports both qualified players and players that were invited from the previous event. Let’s make some predictions!

Group G participants and decklists

Group  G
MieGod Mugibaby 
Deck 1Deck 2Deck 1Deck 2
MrYagut Soey 
Deck 1Deck 2Deck 1Deck 2

MieGod vs. Mugibaby

One of the most characteristic differences of Red Green decks in this tournament is whether you are including Unearthed Secrets for additional card draws. We saw dpmlicious losing yesterday because she couldn’t find combo pieces and draw cards might have helped her. MieGod also decided to cut Unearthed Secrets from his deck and rely on Smash Their Defenses! (x2) and the round draws alone.

His Red-Green also uses Lycan for additional creeps and Enough Magic! (x1) for control.

MieGod’s other deck is Mono-Red with Centaur Warrunner and Tidehunter. This kind of deck had some success during this tournament, and it’s very interesting how today’s games will play out. MieGod has included Smash Their Defenses! (x2) and Spot Weakness (x2) to have some card drawing options and three copies of Enough Magic! for control.

Since the balance patch, Drow Ranger became a rare guest in the competitive play, but Mugibaby decided to put his trust in the hero. He brings a unique 44 cards Blue-Green ramp deck with Emissary of the Quorum (x3) and Incarnation of Selemene (x2). For card draw, he included Diabolic Revelation (x3) but cut out Foresight to make room for Unearthed Secrets (x2). Very interesting to see how this type of ramp will fare against the traditional Red-Green.

Mugibaby also uses a Green-Red ramp deck by swapping Axe with Drow Ranger. This deck doesn’t seem stable enough due to lack of Berserker’s Call, but with good card draws it could do wonders.

I have to favour MieGod in the current matchup, though Mugibaby’s decks have a high chance to work out.

MieGod (2) > Mugibaby (1)

MrYagut vs. Soey

MrYagut is using standard Red-Green ramp with Omniknight, three copies of Unearthed Secrets and two copies of Smash Their Defenses!. The deck doesn’t have Enough Magic!, which has turned a couple of games in this tournament so far.

He also uses Red-Blue control deck with Routed. The deck has very potent stalling tools and should enable MrYagut to survive till mana turn eight when he can cast Time of Triumph (x3).

Soey is bringing the infamous Mono-Blue deck. His variant has 44 cards and; it has much in common with the one swim used. The only difference Soey made was adding Glyph of Confusion (x1) to shut down proactive plays on one of the lanes. This type of deck is considered very strong but requires the player to think very fast and calculate moves at least two turns ahead.

As the second deck, Soey brought the bread and butter Red-Green ramp. His version incorporates Lycan and cuts all copies of Unearthed Secrets.

This matchup should go to Soey’s favour who uses more stable decks. Much will come down to how good he can pilot the Mono-Blue deck, and how good MrYagut prepared for the tournament.

MrYagut (1) < Soey (2)

Predictions for the rest of the group

MieGod (1) < Soey (2)

MrYagut (1) < Mugibaby (2)

MieGod (2) > Mugibaby (0)

* * * * * *

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