WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility - Day 5 Recap

Jan 19 2019 5 min read

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Petrify (2) vs. AndyWand (0)

AndyWand managed delay Petrify's eight-mana tools for a couple of turns, but eventually, the Australian player brought two copies of EotQ to the middle lane. With the help of the EotQ, Petrify quickly knocked down the tower and surged the pumped up Axe to another lane.

Petrify was losing the second game until he managed to get a footing in the third lane. He summoned two Disciples of Nevermore and developed Assault Ladders in the lane while stalling the other two. AndyWand conceded one turn before losing his Ancient.

Shana (2) vs. Baize (1)

In the first game, Baize lost three heroes during the first two rounds and wasn’t up for a good start. She managed to develop the first lane with Prey on the Weak and started contending mid. Shana didn’t let go of that lane and, eventually, Baize conceded.

In the second game, Baize showed the force of Prey on the Weak and Assault Ladders combo. By mana turn six she had clipped the first lane tower and threatened 41 damage to the Ancient. One turn and a copy of Disciple of Nevermore later that Ancient collapsed.

Shana experienced the best feeling a ramp player can have in Artifact - cast EotQ during the second turn. Baize had to concede on mana turn six.

Real_MAN (1) vs Stormlike (2)

Real_MAN started the first game with a couple of pickoffs and solidified advantage on the middle lane. He used ToT on Bristleback in the same lane and, when the tower collapsed, blinked him out to close the game.

The second game had lots of back and fourth plays, and in the end, it all hinged on a clutch Ravage to block the damage to a tower… and of course, it did not stun everything it needed.

Stormlike had a very rough third game, forced to burn through the control tools early on. He tried to summon EotQ on mana turn eight, but Real_Man cast Enough Magic! to stop the opponent from coming back in the game. Things went south for Real_Man next turn. He allowed the lane with Kanna to cast Prey on the Weak twice and then had to deal with Incarnation of Selemene on another lane. Stormlike used infinite mana to summon three copies of EotQ and finished off the first lane with an insane overkill.

MieGod (1) vs. Hoej (2)

MieGod opened with his consistent Mono-Red deck vs ramp, and he managed to develop a broad first lane while stalling the other two. He found a perfect lethal with two copies of Double Edge and a Blink Dagger equipped on one of the heroes. In the second game, Hoej couldn’t find any eight-mana tools, but he applied a lot of pressure “the old-fashioned” way. The set almost ended in a tie, but Hoej found a way to prevent that and kill the enemy tower.

Hoej gradually built up momentum in the third game with a couple of calculated plays. At one point, he equipped Jasper Daggers on LC and refrained from playing anything for a whole turn to nail a perfect Berserker’s Call.

MaggoGx (2) vs Berry (1)

Players quickly split the deck, getting one lane each, and started fighting for mid. MaggoGx dropped Red Mist Pillager and forced Berry to send heroes to stop the snowball, spreading his resources. MaggoGx made a bad decision when he could kill Axe with Coup De Grace, and gave up the initiative to get Berserker's Called. That allowed Berry to raze Ancient with EotQ.

The second game started in a similar fashion, but this time Berry didn’t deal with Red Mist Pillagers and had to concede before mana turn eight.

The third game featured the least lucky Chain Frost of the tournament. Berry was supposed to finish the game with it, but instead had to deal with four heroes on a contested lane.

MaggoGx singlehandedly created new Artifact meta by killing an enemy hero with Aphotic Shield. The spell removes effects cast by the enemy; in the case of this game, it purged HP given by ToT and pulled the overall count below zero. That one move won MaggoGx the game.

MyGoodMate (2) vs SuperJJ (0)

The first game was very long and could have ended multiple times. At one point SuperJJ had to use Smash their Defenses! on his own improvement to find Annihilation and it’s the only thing that kept him in the set. In the end, MyGoodMate outmanoeuvred the opponent and closed the game.

In the second game, MyGoodMate developed a broad third lane early on with improved Mercenary Exiles and also had a good presence in the first lane. SuperJJ never managed to stabilise and lost the series.

TenShi (2) vs Mugibaby (1)

TenShi was lucky enough to summon an early EotQ, and all Mugibaby could do was cleaning out the creeps with At Any Cost. Eventually, that lane threatened lethal on Ancient and Mugibaby conceded. In the second game, TenShi overcommitted to lane #2 and lost the other two lanes.

In the third game, Mugibaby ran Blue-Green ramp vs. Mono-Red. He developed a broad middle lane but had no ramp tools and lost during mana turn eight.

Luminous vs swim

Game #1 started well for Lumi, who acquired control over each lane and swim had to spend one control tool after another. It went from bad to worse to swim, and he eventually conceded. In the second game, on mana turn five Lumi summoned Incarnation of Selemene, and it seemed that the game was over. swim found a way to Annihilate the Incarnation lane and developed another lane with Kanna. He closed the game with Bolt of Damocles.

Swim found a way to summon EotQ on mana turn five and start taking over the game. Lumi answered with his own EotQ next turn and started racing the Ancient. The game emded when Lumi couldn’t find Annihilation and allowed swim to lethal the second tower.


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