WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility - Day 4 Recap

Jan 18 2019 4 min read

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Group G:

  • MieGod (2) vs. Mugibaby (0)
  • Soey (0) vs. MrYagut (2)
  • MieGod (2) vs. MrYagut (0)
  • Mugibaby (2) vs. Soey (1)
  • Mugibaby (2) vs. MrYagut (0)

Group H:

  • SuperJJ (2) vs. F1asco (1)
  • StrifeCro (0) vs. AndyWand (2)
  • SuperJJ (0) vs. AndyWand (2)
  • StrifeCro (2) vs. F1asco (1)
  • SuperJJ (2) vs. StrifeCro (0)

MieGod (2) vs. Mugibaby (0)

The group started with a mirror Red-Green ramp action and a stacked hand for Mugibaby, who decided to include Drow Ranger. MieGod managed to cast ToT and EotQ in two separate lanes sooner than the opponent. Next turn he cast Routed on three heroes and the game was almost over.

In the second game, MieGod’s Mono-Red had all the answers it needed to prevent Mugibaby from casting any of his late-game tools in time.

Soey (0) vs. MrYagut (2)

Players quickly split the board leaving the middle lane a point of contention in the first game. In the end, he took a risk that didn’t pay off and lost to ToT siege damage. In the second game, MrYagut developed Prey on the Weak in the third lane and gained an early advantage. Soey, on the other hand, didn’t find a single Stars Aligned and had to cast ToT on mana turn eight.

Routed from MrYagut was the last nail in the coffin of this series.

MieGod (2) vs. MrYagut (0)

MieGod opened with his Mono-Red that had vast superiority over the ramp with the tools like Enough Magic! and Sucker Punch. He simply outmanoeuvred MrYagut and closed the game with Double Edge on one of the heroes into a suicidal Duel. The second game ended with a tie forced by MrYagut on the third game.

The third game (or the second, depends on how you count it) started with double Mist of Avernus on the first lane from MieGod. That quickly turned Axe into a one-man-army and allowed the Chinese player to sweep through everything MrYagut was throwing in him.

Mugibaby (2) vs. Soey (1)

Mugibaby was lucky with the flop when Lycan spawned on the lane with Kanna and controlled the  Melee Creeps with the aura. Soey somehow managed to get valuable Prey on the Weak cast to salvage the lane. Soey won that game mostly because he managed to use three copies of ToT and two copies of Claszureme Hourglass.

Soey took very early control over game #2 and, and Mugibaby never stabilised on the contested lane.

The third game had a couple of very dramatic moments, where Mugibaby had misplays, but he won in the end. Soey didn’t find a single copy of ToT throughout that game.

Mugibaby (2) vs. MrYagut (0)

The first game went Mugibaby’s way smoothly with some lucky card draws. He closed the set with a five-man ToT.

During one of the turns in game #2 Mugibaby secured Incarnation of Selemene into double EotQ and multiple Foresight procks thanks to Ogre. That turn decided the game.

Congratulations to MieGod and Mugibaby on winning group G.

SuperJJ (2) vs. F1asco (1)

F1asco drew two copies of Stars Aligned and three eight-mana cards on mana turn four and had a tremendous first game start. The opponent conceded on mana turn eight. SuperJJ developed very wide lanes #1 and #2 in the second game, and the game ended with the first ToT cast.

In the third game, SuperJJ summoned EotQ on mana turn five on the first lane and was off to an excellent good start. F1asco didn’t manage to prevent Ancient razing and gave in.

StrifeCro (0) vs. AndyWand (2)

Turn #3 ToT on three heroes set AndyWand to win the first game very fast. In the second game, AndyWand outplayed StrifeCro in a wild back and forth Mono-Blue mirror.

SuperJJ (0) vs. AndyWand (2)

By mana turn five of the first game AndyWand already had two Selemene’s Favor improvements on the first lane. He cast early ToT on three heroes and immediately surged Axe to the second lane. SuperJJ tried to stall and managed to get off ToT of his own, but he was cornered in the end.

In the second game, AndyWand played textbook Mono-Blue and finished the match with a spectacular Bolt of Damocles cast.

StrifeCro (2) vs. F1asco (1)

StrifeCro opened this game with his Mono-Blue against F1asco’s Mono-Red. The Russian player gained a lot of ground on the first and the third lane, forcing the opponent to utilise Annihilation to stabilize the board. That allowed F1asco to cast ToT in the middle and push StrifeCro out of the game.

F1asco had a good moment in game #2 with Primal Roar but got outplayed with the ToT and EotQ in the end.

StrifeCro came close to losing the deciding game of the series, struggling to defend the towers against the red heroes. Fantastic manoeuvres and a bit of luck allowed him to seal the match.

SuperJJ (2) vs. StrifeCro (0)

The two known players clashed in the decider match for the last playoff seed in the tournament. It started with StrifeCro’s Mono-Blue vs. Red-Green ramp and went to the very late game. The American player almost won, but he lacked initiative in the critical moment to prevent Berserker’s Call and keep his second tower alive.

SuperJJ was pretty lucky at the beginning of the second game and managed to deal a lot of damage to towers with his Red-Blue. StrifeCro stabilised the game but didn’t have the resources to finish it as SuperJJ found a way to cast Time of Triumph and close the series.

Congratulations to AndyWand and SuperJJ on winning group H!


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