WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Agility - Day 2 Recap

Jan 17 2019 4 min read

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Group C results:

  • Lifecoach (1) vs Real_MAN (2)
  • swim (2) vs. DrHippi (1)
  • swim (0) vs Real_MAN (2)
  • DrHippi (1) vs LifeCoach (2)
  • LifeCoach (0) vs swim (2)

Group D results:

  • StanCifka (1) vs. VinKelsier (2)
  • Baize (1) vs. MaggoGx (2)
  • VinKelsier (1) vs. MaggoGx (2)
  • StanCifka (1) vs. Baize (2)
  • VinKelsier (0) vs. Baize (2)

Group C

Lifecoach (1) vs Real_MAN (2)
(Initial match)

Lifecoach drew three copies of Stars Aligned and Time of Triumph by mana turn four, but Real_MAN kept him from going off with Ganks and Duels. The first game was decided by mana turn seven when Lifecoach couldn’t stabilize the second lane. Real_MAN had unfortunate Coup de Grace procks in game two - he discarded Bolt of Damocles and Thundergods Wrath. The player also got unlucky at the end when three heroes stacked perfectly for a Call of the Weak and left a tower exposed.

In the third game, Lifecoach managed to upkeep kill Bounty Hunter at mana turn six when Real_MAN had two copies of Payday in hand and 15 gold. He then disrupted the Payday play next turn and put a brake on the gold ramp deck. The game went to mana turn thirteen when Real_MAN closed it out with Bolt of Damocles.

swim (2) vs. DrHippi (1)
(Initial match)

In the first game, swim was very lucky with his hand and started playing his ToTs and EotQ. DrHippi tried to stall lane one and lane two to race the Ancient at the last lane, but swim had enough resources to finish the game. swim couldn’t get good cards in game two, and an early Claszureme Hourglass in DrHippi’s hand didn’t help the matter either, the series went into the rubber game.

DrHippi managed to get Horn of the Alpha by mana turn five and used it to apply pressure on all three lanes. At the next turn, the Ukrainian player drew another Horn but discarded it with Coup De Grace. swim stalled the game till mana turn eleven when he finally sealed the deal with the Bolt.

swim (1) vs Real_MAN (2)
(Winners’ match)

swim opened the series with his Mono-Blue and pulled off a couple of great baits to force Real_MAN to commit to a lane that would be wiped. He didn’t manage it due to brilliant plays of the opponent. The American player started game two with an early Mist of Avernus for insane value at the second lane. He had a good shot to raze the Ancient at that lane, but Real_MAN played around swim with Annihilations and Vestures of the Tyrant and destroyed the other two towers quicker.

Congratulations to Real_MAN on winning group C!

DrHippi (1) vs LifeCoach (2)
(Losers’ match)

In the first game, DrHippi’s monoblack with Sorla Khan quickly clipped the third tower. LifeCoach used that lane to drop two copies of Unearthed Secrets and conquered the other two lanes. In the second game, DrHippi busted out Oath in the second game to raze the middle lane tower and then used another Oath to finish off the first lane tower.

At mana turn 6 of the third game, DrHippi grabbed Horn of the Alpha, Vesture of the Tyrant and a couple of Stonehall Cloaks. LifeCoach still won the game by killing the Ancient in the first lane.

LifeCoach (0) vs swim (2)
(Decider match)

LifeCoach opened the game with a Foresight Multicast and had a very broad hand. swim countered the wide hand with wide boards on lane two and lane tree. In the second game swim won very nearly with Bolt of Damocles on the curve.

Group D

StanCifka (1) vs. VinKelsier (2)
(Initial match)

This group started with another upset. StanCifka confidently won the first game with his Black-Red deck but lost the next two games with Mono-Blue. This tournament could well end the Mono-Blue meta that was dominating Artifact for the past month. Besides. you got to love the Rix splash VinKelsier brought to the tournament.

Baize (0) vs. MaggoGx (2)
(Initial match)

MaggoGx is another player who won a series from an experienced player despite being a newcomer to the competitive scene. He closed the first match by using a single Black card at mana turn nine that sealed the deal. Baize was close to winning game two, but her Mono-Red couldn't cope with the ramp.

VinKelsier (1) vs. MaggoGx (2)
(Winners’ match)

Blue-Rix deck by VinKelsier had a tough time with Red Green by MaggoGx, though he popped lane one spectacularly with dinosaurs.  VinKelsier decided to start the second game with his Mono Red, although he didn't need to switch. The second game was played twice because of a tie and MaggoGx won it in the end.

VinKelsier couldn't seal the deal with the U41G, and MaggoGx won on mana turn seven.

StanCifka (1) vs. Baize (2)
(Losers’ match)

Tresdin's Standards was a surprising success in game one but it didn't help StanCifka to close the match. He had a chance to rush Ancient but lost the contested lane due to a fantastic Ravage. Baize conceded in game two when she couldn't defend her second tower where StanCifka rallied four heroes.

StanCifka failed to close the series with his Mono-Blue again and had to leave the tournament despite being a heavy favourite.

VinKelsier (0) vs. Baize (2)
(Decider match)

Game one started with a Mono-Red vs. Mono-Red action with both players trying to get the best positioning for mana turn eight. The match ended with a tie, they don't call that spell Tie of Triumph for no reason. Baize won the rematch with another clutch Ravage.

VinKelsier was close to winning game two, but he didn't have Annihilation in hand when needed it the most and lost to a dinosaur summoned by Horn of the Alpha.


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