WePlay! announces Underlords Open!

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WePlay! announces Underlords Open!

Checkmate, regular chess!

We are happy to share the great news: WePlay! is heading for a new discipline: Dota Underlords!

Yep, you've got that right from our intriguing teaser. We are going to have a hand in the development of Dota Underlords' untamed professional scene. We assure you, it won’t follow Artifact’s path.

And here's our first shot. 

WePlay! Dota Underlords Open tournament

We know you're eager to know the details, so here’s everything you need to know about the event. 

Dates and format

First, participants will need to get through qualifiers. By the way, anyone can try their strength at a new discipline! 

Open qualifications dates: July 24 - 28. 
Main stage: August 1 - August 4. 

Players will compete in a Round Robin format of debut WePlay! Dota Underlords Open tournament. The participants will fight with each other for a share of the solid prize pool of $15,000. 

Prize pool distribution

With the $15,000 prize pool, this is how the money is split:

1st place — $8,000
2nd place — $4,000
3rd place — $2,000
4th place — $1,000

Open qualifiers

The fight will start with the open qualifiers. Only sixteen players will proceed to the main tournament. Players will be split into two times zones - Europe and North America. Though, it doesn’t mean that people from Asia, CIS or South America cannot participate. On the contrary, anyone is more than welcome to the battle. 

Contenders will be split into groups of 8 in each round. Based on the number of points received for the matches, top 4 players advance into the groups forming next round of groups with 8 players in them. The same process repeats until we find eight best players in the region. Together they will make the final list of WePlay! Dota Underlords Open participants.

In the final stage of the tournament, sixteen pioneers from the open qualifiers will compete in a Round Robin format. 

Points Distribution

In every game of the qualifications and main stage, players will receive special points, depending on the place taken by a player. The distribution simply looks like this: the champion gets 10 points, the second place receives 7, the third place will have 6 and so on. The eighth position will receive 1 point. Top four players who get the most points advance to the next round.


All the battles will take place online. You can watch them at our official Twitch channel. Also, we will keep you updated via our website and social networks.


We're sure lots of you lads want to know how to take part in the tournament. Don't worry - we will post this information later on our site and social networks.

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See you on the streets, tough guys!

Further details about the tournament will be unveiled later, so follow us on social media to get the latest news: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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