WePlay AniMajor Reddit AMA Session Compilation

May 17 2021 3 min read

WePlay's esports leads answer you questions regarding the AniMajor

Yesterday we announced the second Major of the current DPC: Kyiv, June 2-13th , $500,000 and 2,700 DPC points at stake. Wait, who cares about that when the theme is ANIME?! Well, some of you had questions concerning the event, so just a few hours later, our esports kings rushed to answer your questions on Reddit. Will there be viewers? Where do the teams play? Who are the talents? Will anime Instagram filters be created?

Max "MaxSmak" Bilonogov, Chief Visionary Officer & General Producer accompanied by Anton "WarLocK" Tokarev and Vitaliy "Nexius" Bozhko, Lead Esports Managers, answered all of your questions. 

Let's take a look at the best and the most important ones!

5 men Major
  • 4K Streams
caiovigg asked: Can we have youtube streams in 4k? Please
WePlay Esports: We have to keep that secret for a while. Follow our announcements on Twitter (@weplay_esports)
  • LAN Event, Players, Quarantine
Abba-64 asked: The players will play on Lan, right?
WePlay Esports: Yes, on WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv. Unfortunately, the epidemiological situation in Kyiv does not allow us to receive guests: the tournament will be closed to spectators, as the players and employees’ safety is our highest priority.
[...] Everyone involved in the event will be regularly tested. Medical staff will be on duty at the hotel and in the arena. It's not our first event during the pandemic and have already worked out for ourselves a successful algorithm to ensure the complete safety of all participants.
Anomalina89 asked: For how long will the players be quarantined?
WePlay Esports: Players will be isolated until they get negative results for Covid.
  • Major Battle Pass?
IamInFlames asked: This year we've seen Valve shake things up with no Dota Christmas. Will there be a BattlePass or any Hats associated with the major? This is based on the fact that before we had TI - we had Small BPs for the majors, I was wondering if that was making a comeback.
WePlay Esports: It depends on Valve's decision. We will definitely figure something out!
  • Why Anime?
m_bechterew asked: yea but what does anime have to do with the major? just trying to understand that is all.
WePlay Esports: Dota 2 and Anime worlds have been connected in the audience’s interests for a long time already. Look at Reddit: there are so many crossovers on how could Dota 2 heroes be represented as anime heroes, or how could teams look in an anime series. These are the topics our audience lives in. Think about the fast SOLD OUT of Team Liquid Naruto merchandise series or the recent Dota 2 anime “Dragon’s Blood” on Netflix. And the most interesting is that the community loves and hates anime simultaneously. The same as the game itself.
Asuka or Rei?
  • Tiebreakers
noxville asked: Will any tiebreakers for TI be potentially resolved at the major? For example, if there are 2 teams tied in 12th place and they are both at the major - will they BATTLE there for the final slot?
Nexius: Would be happy to resolve potential tiebreakers for TI, but so far we don't have the privilege.
  • Format
noxville asked: Will the format remain the same as the Singapore Major?
Nexius: The format will be the same, but the schedule will be slightly different since the event lasts 12 days (11 match days + 1 day off before playoffs) compared to 9 match days in the previous Major.
  • Sponsors
Tsu33 asked: I really love WePlay's tournaments but I have a concern: 1xbet allegedly sponsors WePlay. What was Valve's statement on it? Doesn't Valve know about it?
WePlay Esports: Major rights belong to Valve company and any sponsor on our broadcast will be approved by them.
  • Cute Talents
FluffySandwich asked: Will you be hiring the second cutest talent couple in Dota 2: Nomad and Mofarah?
WePlay Esports: Talents announcement will be out soon. We will definitely post that asap on Reddit and our socials.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask us on our socials! Thank you and see you on stream, let's make the AniMajor legendary!

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