Welcome to the family, Enkanis!

Dec 04 2018 4 min read

Welcome to the family, Enkanis! ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Our cozy family has a new member! We would like to welcome Alexander "Enkanis" Polishchuk

His gaming and commentary experience will be a great addition to our studio. We expect that together we will manage to bring a lot of new and interesting things for the CS: GO community.

What Alexander is going to do at WePlay!? How often will he appear on the screens? You'll get the answers right now!

  1. WePlay!: Hello and welcome to WePlay! Open the veil of secrecy and tell us what do you think about the atmosphere in our office?
    Enkanis: Greetings! The office has an atmosphere of a non-stop work and tireless mechanism - just what my creative nature needs!
  2. WePlay!: You have parted with RuHub less than two weeks ago. What are your new goals at WePlay?
    Enkanis: To be honest, this break turned out to be painful, I always used to be in the centre of events and actively interact with colleagues and viewers.
    Nevertheless, it was a useful pause in order to take care of my health and to refresh thoughts. During my relatively short career, I was able to achieve certain results, but that is not enough. It is time to improve my professional level. At WePlay! I will do my best to raise the level of cybersport events coverage.
  3. WePlay!: You began a CS:GO commentary career at 2016. What changed since that moment in e-sports?
    Enkanis: It became more and more eventful. Richer in every sense. I sat at the microphone when the wind of change was already raging outside the window. I don’t see any prerequisites for weakening, and I don’t want it - there should always be motivation. If I connect all my points of contact with eSports as a player/viewer/commentator, then I have been in the sphere for more than 13 years.
  4. WePlay!: Have your own views changed commenting style?
    Enkanis: I had several moments of rethinking my style. Let's call them 'crises', during which there is a processing of accumulated experience - something that can make you better or destroy completely.
  5. WePlay!: How are you doing with Alexey (aka УХо), glad to be working with him at the same studio once again? When can we see you in a duet at tournaments? 
    Enkanis: Fire and Ice are back together! You know, me and Alexey have really different life experience, polar characters and sometimes even discrepancies about the game. With all this, we have always professed one goal - to give people a fusion of emotions, understanding of the subject, outrage and composure. Creativity in a pair is always about balance. 
  6. WePlay!: What is the most important thing for you, as a commentator, to conduct a decent broadcast?
    Enkanis: Working on yourself.
  7. WePlay!: Right now there is a stream of WePlay! Artifact tournament. Are you playing CCGs yourself? What future can you predict to a new Valve game?
    Enkanis: I try to follow the majority of disciplines that are already established in eSports or are trying to get “on the rails”, Artifact is no exception. I do not have a lot of CCG experience, talking about card games — poker is my only choice. However, I carefully watched many major Hearthstone and Gwent tournaments. For an average person, these two products have such an advantage - it is not necessary to play actively in order to understand most of the subtleties in a short time. Valve’s brainchild comes from MTG Arena, which has a higher entry threshold, and not quite a “friendly” economy. I see absolutely nothing wrong with such niche products, there is and will always be an audience. The material part of it will find balance with time.
  8. WePlay!: WePlay broadcasts are always with their twist and a note of madness. What was the craziest thing you did in your career?
    Enkanis: This can hardly be called 'crazy', but once I had to comment in the prone position. Don't even ask how it happened!
  9. WePlay!: What makes CS:GO so precious for you? Why did you choose this particular discipline?
    Enkanis: Counter-Strike is my first love. The game that I saw during my first visit to a provincial computer club in 2000. I started my cybersports path in CS, I found a team, friends, and, as it turned out later, was my life's work!

Let's wish Alexander the best of luck in WePlay! Hope to hear back from you soon and welcome to the family ;)


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