Weekly News Digest #11

Jun 05 2019 6 min read

Weekly News Digest #11 ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Whether you are an esports enthusiast or a simple humble gamer, the past week was full of major and minor news you might be interested in. There’s a been a lot happening, and we managed to include the hottest topics in our weekly news digest. 

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Esports dramas and reshuffles

Team Liquid defeated ENCE in the finals of DreamHack Masters Dallas and became the champion of the tournament. This confident victory puts the team to the 2nd place in the overall Intel Grand Slam standings. After the impressive achievement, Team Liquid was named the best CS:GO squad in the world by HLTV. The team took the first position with 1000 points.

The story of the standoff between Tfue and FaZe Clan continues. Despite the rather credible rumours that Turner is hoping to organize his own esports company, the player himself denied the claims. We’d like to remind that his proposed intention to start a company was among the main reasons behind the conflict with FaZe Clan, which is now being blamed for deliberately employing an underage Fortnite player.

ESL One Birmingham 2019 came to the conclusion over the weekend, and we’ve covered the results of the tournament in our dedicated article. The North American esports organization Evil Geniuses is now the property of the Chicago investment firm PEAK6 Investments. And beastcoast faced a reorganization after it failed to qualify for the EPICENTER Major and SLi MinorEternaLEnVy and tmt left the team.

To end this section, we’d love to tell you about a couple of previously banned Fortnite cheaters who managed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup. Hit the link and enjoy the read. It’d be funny to see how the situation resolves.

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E3 2019 is coming

In the wake of the upcoming E3 event, there’s traditionally a steady flow of rumours and reports. For instance, Watch Dogs Legion leaked a day ago – the game is expected to be set in post-Brexit London while the players will be granted with the ability to control every NPC they meet. Ubisoft has since somewhat confirmed the rumour with a univocal teaser.

In regards to other Ubisoft’s properties, Splinter Cell might finally make a comeback with an anticipated announcement. Beyond Good & Evil 2, sadly, will skip the show – and the same goes for such non-related to Ubisoft titles as Back 4 Blood (the newest zombie co-op action from Turtle Rock) and a mysterious new project by Rocksteady Studios.

What we’ll definitely see though, is the first proper look at Halo Infinite. Microsoft will finally reveal what lies behind the title. The company is also going to feature Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at its conference, which will likely include a short glimpse at the actual gameplay. Obviously, there should be some surprises, and Fable 4 is strongly rumoured to be announced during the show.

Oculus has shared its plans for E3 as well; the company is going to show a strong line-up of already revealed VR games along with a couple of unexpected announcements. Square Enix is teasing the announcement of a game called Outriders – the speculation suggests that it’s a brand new project from People Can Fly.

Finally, THQ Nordic is taking a different approach and is revealing three new games during the next three days – starting today. The first title is the remaster of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom.

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Learning Mordhau

Morhau has overwhelmed us with its engaging medieval gameplay and skill-dependent combat mechanics. In an attempt to lend our community a helping hand with the game, we’ve published a number of comprehensive guides so that you – our fellow readers – could be better at this unforgiving multiplayer brawler:

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WePlay! special projects

We’ve taken a serious approach towards covering the most curious topics in the form of dedicated articles, and the past week has brought a good bunch of them. The best way to brighten up your day is to give our Death Stranding Meme Compilation a look – it’s totally worth it. Another engaging read is the list of Top-10 most successful video game “dead ringers” in history.

We are continuing to examine the history of DotA Origins with Part II of our series. Our colleague Andrew Balaban, who’s operating from China, has shared his thoughts on the issue of being a console gamer in the country. We’ve also covered the hot topic of cross-play and tried to conclude whether it is the all-powerful cure or an excessive measure.

Finally, we’ve started a series of esports articles dedicated to ultimate rivalries between the popular teams of the world. First comes the pair of OG vs EG, and then we have an unconventional standoff between Evil Geniuses and Virtus.pro.

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In other news…

Apex Legends is finally starting to get some extra content, and the first batch of novelties in the wake of the upcoming Season 2 is the first limited time event called Legendary Hunt. We’ve made a detailed guide on how to unlock all of the achievements. On a related note, we’ve recently published a streamer profile dedicated to Aculite – one of the best Apex Legends players.

Activision has officially introduced the next Call of Duty, which is simply titled Modern Warfare. It is a “soft reboot” of the subseries, and we’ll see many returning characters. For the first time in the history of the franchise, the next instalment is going to support cross-play – and we’ve already explained how the feature is going to work.

As you might recall, the launch of Fallout 76 was a complete disaster followed by various scandals and dramas. Interestingly, Bethesda was ready for the cold reception; Todd Howard even believes that most of the criticism was deserved, but he doesn’t see the problem there. According to his words, people will buy anything. This is likely to be Bethesda’s philosophy.

Cuphead is getting ported to Tesla – because why not! Elon Musk’s cars are already capable of maintaining stable autopiloting, and you have to do something while being driven by the car to the destination point. And Valve has decided to officially support the creators of Dota Auto Chess by announcing Auto Chess Pass – part of the earnings will be received by Drodo Studio.

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WePlay! tournaments

WePlay! Tug of War: Dire successfully wrapped up over the weekend, and we are happy to share the names of the champions of America and Asia – Infamous and Royal Never Give Up correspondingly. As always, you can find all the relevant articles dedicated to the tournament via the special tag Tug of War: Dire.

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 – new arts and details
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Another lawsuit against FaZe Clan


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