«Watch Dogs» have got new features

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Developers of Watch Dogs action released a patch updating the game with a few funny new features


«Watch Dogs» have got new features

Developers of Watch Dogs action released a patch updating the game with a few funny new features.

The latest update of Watch Dogs, released by Ubisoft recently, will allow the gamers to hack their own friends. Well, not actually the friends, of course, but their gadgets. But with the help of this function you can set the vigilant monitoring of your “mates”, even upon losing sight of them. Another thing is that this option can be turned off in the game’s settings, and then your character will have more relaxed, but also much more boring life.

Multiplayer changes have also touched the use of CTOS Mobile, an application for unattached devices, which allows gamers to connect to multiplayer games with the help of their mobile gadgets. Now if such a "mobile" player suddenly goes offline, his/her "stationary" partners in the match will be able to complete the game successfully without him/her.

But the most interesting thing of multiplayer innovations is a function of tracking the "dishonest" gamers which are disconnecting exactly before the moment of losing. After their reconnecting, servers will automatically connect such trickster with each others.

Of course, singleplayer also has some changes and innovations. Everything is simple here: first, after the completion of the main storyline, gamers will be able to reset the progress of already completed missions of Gang Hideouts and Criminal Convoys and to start all over again. Second, the gameplay of mini drinking game "How to get drunk!" has been improved. Now, the process of drinking will be even funnier.
And, of course, developers of Watch Dogs also have corrected a lot of minor bugs and faults.

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