Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Weapons and Classes Guide

Jan 09 2019 4 min read

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If we start a discussion about all the weapons and classes combos in Warhammer Vermintide 2, Northern Korea will become a free and democratic state earlier than we finish. Diversity here is welcomed. But not all options, so to speak, are suitable for a particular style or level. Now we will sort all this out starting with weapons. Basically, arms are divided into close and distant combat arsenals, and with the lack of stealth mechanics in Vermintide 2, you need to prepare yourself for constant clashes with enemies.

Ranged weapons

Crossbows, shotguns, and bows can stop waves of screaming undeads before the horde gets to the team. Sometimes a long-range rifle is useful when you need to kill an annoying enemy camping on a hill in the far distance. But you have to understand that such cases are quite rare and these tactics may seem like a difficult challenge to newcomers. It is better to assign an experienced veteran to snipe — shooting bosses that are vulnerable to guns and dangerous at close range mobs isn't that easy.

Middle-ranged weapons

These are mainly pistols and shotguns, capable of keeping enemies at a distance and affording you to rush ( periodically) into the battle to save your teammates who are carried away or trapped. Pistols alternative mode allows you to conduct effective shooting point-blank, in no way inferior to the rest of the firearms.

Melee weapons

Game's most useful weapon and your most reliable ally at a distance. Warhammer Vermintide 2 battles mostly look like this: you make several shots at the horde than raise your swords/axes/hammers and leap forward, crushing everything into pieces to prevent the intrusion of Skaven and Chaos creatures. Some heroes can wear a shield, that turns them into real tanks. But there's a little thing about close-ranged combat style — bosses will tear you apart very fast, so it's much better to keep your distance from them and use rifles or magic.

Infinite ammo weapons

Certain types of weapons don't need ammunition, but instead, they overheat and burn your hero, damaging health when continuously shooting. You have to track the indicators and even if you increase the heating limit, you won't get far enough after killing half of your team with your own gun blasting because of overheating. Bardin and Sienna use these types of weapons, so it's better not to pick them if you are a newcomer. Firstly, go get used to the mechanics and play for easy-manageable characters.

Classes and subclasses in Warhammer Vermintide 2

Every hero plays a specific role: melee or ranged combat, sweeper, boss/elite enemies killer, and anti-specials. Anti-specials fight Skaven's gadgeteers, Chaos' wizards and plague monks. Let's look at each class separately.


  • Ranger: shoots hordes at a distance, stable in close combat, anti-special and quite good elite enemies killer
  • Ironbreaker: excellent tank, nice anti-special, and elites killer 
  • Slayer: in skillful hands can cut hordes of enemies in seconds, helps to cope with the bosses


The Elf originally designed to shoot from range, but subclasses help to switch to a melee role without any problems

  • Waywatcher: one of the best snipers and anti-specials capable of breaking down hordes with a 15-lvl perk
  • Handmaiden: profitable in melee thanks to parrying and dodging, able to strike crowds of enemies, a versatile character
  • Shade: great against the horde, likes to penetrate elite opponents from the back and perfectly opposes the bosses, weakening them with a crossbow


Well, he's a hell of a hero. Kruber is good at almost everything, depending on the subclass. 

  • Mercenary: fights the horde best of all, slays elite enemies with great damage.
  • Huntsman: superb anti-special and decent elites destroyer. Headshoting gives you ammo. 
  • Foot Knight: game's greatest tank, amazing boss-fighter

Victor Saltzpyre

The inquisitor and dark magicians slicer — he is equally good in melee and ranged combat.

  • Witch Hunter Captain: a gain for a good and well-chemistry team, excellent in hand-to-hand combat 
  • Bounty Hunter: wonderful range-shooter, but can stand still in almost all battle-situations 
  • Flagellant: flagellants have always been famous for their incredible melee skill and heavy attacks. They also are good tanks and elites slayers


The best way to burn it to ashes. 

  • Battle Wizard: decent range combat, horde slashing perk
  • Pyromancer: decent range combat [part 2], elite and specials slashing perks
  • Unchained: decent... melee fighter, focused on AoE and tanking 

Do not forget that the team must be balanced in the first place. Don't jump into the midst of giant rats in vain, help your allies and protect yourself.


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