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Jan 05 2019 3 min read

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 insidious witch Sienna can do unbelievable things on the battlefield, saving her team from most difficult situations. Let's try to find out how we can do it in a most effective way by leveling her up correctly and benefitting your allies. 

First of all, you need to understand that Sienna is a wizard, so she has low health points, which is fully compensated with magic damage and numerous spells. Also, every mage's weakness is spell cooldown time, so be careful not be sneaked from behind and killed. Sienna always needs support to cover her — 'tanks', for example — and the understanding of distance in battles. All in all, we need Sienna to deal maximum damage at close and middle distances, scything tons of creeps within her reach and smashing bosses. 

Battle Wizard

Best class for Sienna is a Battle Wizard. Arm your character with a magical Beam Staff, then make the most profit by equipping stuff with passive movement speed, critical damage chance, and ally buffing bonuses. 

Our goal within Battle Wizard build is to deal maximum damage, so the best talents are: 

  • Cauterise Wounds (level 5) - strengthening healing effects, because there will always be a point of a game when you need to heal as hell. 
  • World Aflame (level 10) - your damage deals additional power effects.
  • Rechannel (level 15) - more speed and more damage to your distant attacks, also improving passive ability.
  • Soul Snare (level 20) - killing an enemy now heals you.
  • Burnout (level 25) - improves your career skills and completely reduce overcharge.


Sienna-Pyromancer is another playable build based on total damage-dealing. 

Pick Pyromancer as your subclass to enhance critical damage passive ability and increase spell distance. Arm Sienna with a Bolt Staff and a Dagger, adding +15% critical damage each. At level 25 unlock 'Exhaust' talent so we can make Sienna almost as powerful as Elves

  • Natural Talent (level 5) - reduces the generation of overcharge.
  • Dissipate (level 10) - same as the one before, but make sure your team has at least one grimoire.
  • Blazing Equilibrium (level 15) - improves passive ability, which now also influences overcharge.
  • Soul Snare (level 20) - you kill — you heal. 
  • Exhaust (level 25) - once again reduces overcharge so you now can deal ranged damage even more.

Horde control

Controlling can become Witch's best trump, you if can handle it right. Pick the Unchained subclass and arm your character with a Beam Staff. As you could have guessed already, this staff even after nerfing is an excellent weapon for our hot lady. 

Unchained is all about the melee fights and tanking. Get your Parrying ability to protect yourself from armored enemies and their high-power attacks, add 2 points to Endurance. Use a Firesword to get a total of four shields. 

  • Form of the Fire Wind (level 5) - increases overcharge, but reduces damage.
  • Feuerbach's Fury (level 10) - a temporary boost to stamina regeneration.
  • Natural Talent (level 15) - reduces the generation speed of the overcharge.
  • Soul Snare (level 20) - kill to heal.
  • Tick, tick, tick (level 25) - deal massive damage and rescue allies in trouble. 

The strategy of playing Unchained is simple: make sure you have a bunch of healing potions, use your active abilities very careful and only in need, try to resurrect most allies at a time. Parrying allows you to tank, while your teammates are resting or recharging. Parry to reduce recharging, which can be used to activate the staff.

Few tips

Playing as Sienna, don't try to jump into the fight and attract attention to yourself. Witch's primary purpose is to deal damage, not taking it. Keep recharging in mind, track the overcharge, pick weapons and talents only suitable for your class. Feel free to ask allies for help. Teammates should cover the wizard, who is often the main threat to the enemy at middle and long ranges.


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