Warhammer Vermintide 2 Guide: Dwarves

Jan 05 2019 3 min read

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Warhammer Vermintide 2 has a bunch of heroes, but dwarves have always been game's most charismatic and useful. Bardin Goreksson is our main character with three classes to try — each has its own pros and cons, but they are all fun and interesting to play. Let's decide what class to choose and what weapons and armor to equip. 

Ranger Veteran

A standard class available at the start of your career. Well balanced and convenient. Dealing damage with a crossbow. Bardin's Survivalist talent doubles his ammo capacity and increases reload speed. Ranger Veteran also has a smoke grenade to escape from his enemies. Weaponry includes lovely axes, hammers and shields, crossbows, rifles and shotguns. Crossbows smash through armor like a knife through butter, rifles have a nice amount of damage and shotguns... well they just destroy everything within close range.  So Ranger Veteran is:

  • Offense and defense balanced 
  • Melee and range fighting — both profitable 
  • Easy to play

Bardin's Ranger Veteran balance is his curse. He is good, but that's all. Kerillian (elf) is better at a distance, witch hunter or Kruber — at melee. So level up as fast as you can, unlock Ironbreaker and forget about Ranger.


Unlocks at level 7 and is also very newbie-friendly, because of excellent surviving perks. This bellied bearded man is a great tank, maybe even game's best. Balanced again: unbreakable armor and decent health points cost you damage. Ironbreaker has a splendid ability Impenetrable: Bardin can taunt 10 enemies at a time and strengthen his armor. Pick a hammer or axe with a shield to maximize your specialization. Ranged weapons — double pistols, so you can jump into a horde and get your hands dirty. Pros: solid defensive stats once again, the ability to survive almost everything and easy-to-play. Cons: greatly reduced damage (you can count how many times 'Hideo Kojima' appear in MGSV end credits faster than killing a group of creeps). Well, you can still equip a Flamethrower and watch enemies burn just as corporal Kilgore wanted us to do.


Bardin Goreksson can become a Slayer at level 12. This one is hard-boiled. Slayer's self-preservation instinct and defense stats are entirely absent, as a result — they often suffer in battle. But they hit as hell — fast and with top-damage. Trophy Hunter talent increases Slayer's attack, Leap allows you to get quickly into the fight smashing all things got in your sight. 

Barely dressed berserks can only fight with two melee weapons, so forget about the guns. Train hard to master the technique of blocking and dodging.  If you learn Zen, your character will be priceless in battles: Slayer is able to cut out hordes of enemies in seconds and is famous among Warhammer Vermintide 2 veterans. Main (and only) weapon should be a pair of axes. Bardin looks tougher than Dwayne Johnson, fights almost like Chuck Norris, but his ability to take damage affects entry threshold. This subclass is designed for experienced players, beginners will suffer and break their keyboards.


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