WAL S6 Community Cast Rules

Oct 07 2022 2 min read

Wanna stream the WePlay Academy League Season 6

Wanna stream the WePlay Academy League Season 6?

Alright, we don’t mind, but we do have some terms. Apply by filling out our form and checking out our rules and regulations.

  1. Moderate your live chat.
  2. Your broadcast must be in any language other than English, Russian, or Ukrainian.
  3. You can monetize your stream through donations and subscriptions, but you cannot use it for commercial purposes.
  4. Use the special stream that we will share on the Discord server, and don’t forget to use delay.
  5. Stream in your style, but don’t use offensive language.
  6. The name of the stream must match the official one. For example, “Team A vs Team B | BO1 | Caster Name | Stage | Tournament Name”). Also, add a chatbot message saying that the official stream is on the WePlay official channel.
  7. If so required, place a partner banner and check its relevance on our Discord channel before the start of each gaming day. For YouTube broadcasts, place a partner link in the description.
  8. Add the WePlay logo to the stream.
  9. Be sure to join our Discord channel — it’s where we will post all the necessary sources for broadcasting and updates.
  10. Fill out the form — we need your contact details to contact you in case something goes wrong during the stream.

Apply here


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WePlay Academy League Season 6
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