Vote for Arcana in Dota 2 while it is still possible

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The Play-off stage has already begun

Voting for Arcana item for one of the heroes in Dota 2 is still going. The 1/16 voting stage ended in group А and В: last year’s champion Rubick will meet Bloodseeker in next stage. Voting in groups C and D is still under way: compendium owners really want Arcana for Riki, although he spends most of the time invisible.

Group А



Group В:



Group С:



Group D:



Note that those who got Arcana in previous years do not take part in voting: Lina, Legion Commander, Terrorblade, Techies, Shadow Fiend, Phantom Assassin, Crystal Maiden, Zeus, Monkey King, Juggernaut, Io and Pudge.

The voting process occurs in The International Compendium every year. In 2017 we saw Pudge win over Rubick by 0,008% votes in the final round – that’s what you call a FIGHT. Before that, Zeus and Juggernaut got their unique skins.

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