Vodafone Giants fine and suspend fox after controversial interview

Jan 29 2020 1 min read
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Vodafone Giants announced on Twitter that they have fined and suspended Ricardo “fox” Pacheco for one month due to his controversial comments in an interview.

In a post-game interview, fox commented on João "KILLDREAM" Ferreira and his girlfriend's posture while spectating matches. He said, “We were watching the games yesterday[...] I didn’t like certain (gestures) his girlfriend was doing, if it was my woman, I’d slap her twice and would leave her at home.” This comment was met with much controversy due to its sexist and violent nature. Vodafone Giants released a statement regarding the interview and the actions they are taking to punish it:

Vodafone Giants

After reviewing the interview by Ricardo Pacheco “Fox” and acknowledging that Ricardo made sexist comments, taking in consideration his twenty plus years of professionalism without any wrongdoings, Vodafone Giants believes this is a grave infraction and will suspend the player for a period of one month. Ricardo has shown he is deeply sorry to his teammates and especially his female teammates.

fox also released a video on his personal Twitter apologizing for his actions.


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