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To discuss the game's destruction as well as how accessible Hardline will be for new players, there was a roundtable discussion with Visceral Games' General Manager Steve Papoutsis.

'Battlefield Hardline' will be available on March 17.


For a franchise like Battlefield, destruction has always been an aspect of the game that most fans adore. Being able to level buildings and dynamically change a map is quite a unique feeling, but how far will we be seeing the destruction go in Battlefield Hardline?


Visceral Games is hard at work on their upcoming release Battlefield Hardline. Even though it may have been tempting for the development team to go a little crazy with the game's destruction, they still needed to maintain a sense of reality because let's face it, cops and robbers don't really level buildings.


To discuss the game's destruction as well as how accessible Hardline will be for new players, there was a roundtable discussion with Visceral Games' General Manager Steve Papoutsis. So will Battlefield Hardline have an enormous amount of destruction or only a little?


"I think we’re probably somewhere in the middle [of destruction]. One of the pieces of feedback we hear from time to time is 'cops and robbers wouldn’t be leveling buildings, that doesn’t make sense'. Some of the community feels that is not in line with the fiction, but at the same time one of the things the design team has found is being able to knock a hole in a wall to create a new ingress route allowing for a new strategic opportunity is cool, and is something you could see cops and criminals doing in a fire fight," Papoutsis said.


Destruction fans don't worry because there will still be the incredible Levolution you have come to expect from Battlefield. Papoutsis said there will still be those "big scale" moments that provide strategic chances for players to take advantage of. It sounds like Visceral Games is doing a good job of walking the fine line between providing enough destruction, but not robbing the series or the fiction of its reality.


Something shooters have been facing lately is the element of accessibility. Call of Duty seemed to have lowered the barrier for entry with Advanced Warfare andTitanfall did the same, but since Battlefield Hardline isn't bringing boost jumps this March, so is it still a game new players can jump into without getting dominated by veteran players?


Papoutsis said they have tried hard to think of ways to ease new players into the Battlefield Hardline multiplayer experience. Visceral says they have certain cues or "pop-ups" that will help guide newcomers, coupled with additional help in understanding how loadouts can be used.


"You use the loadout of a character that has a med-pack, but you don’t even know how the med-pack works. You get someone on your squad yelling at you because you’re not doing your job, and as a player you might not even know how to deploy that thing. What we’ve done to reduce the friction there is allow players to run up to characters in the game and if someone has an ammo-pack or health-pack equipped, you can hit the button and then get that benefit even though they didn’t throw down the pack for you," Papoutsis said.


Visceral hopes the tension between new players and veterans will be eased, resulting in more players entering the world of Battlefield. A shooter like Battlefielddoes have a lot of loyal, talented players, so helping new folks not feel as intimidated is a good, albeit difficult task. "What’s great about Battlefield is it does require an intense amount of skill and strategy to get good at. That’s also extremely satisfying so we didn’t want to discourage people from that aspect of the game," Papoutsis said.


Battlefield Hardline will see its second beta commence tomorrow on every platform it is launching for. Fans who are eager to pick up the game at retailers will be able to do so on March 17 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.




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