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Recently, Prodigy instilled fear in almost all teams of the united Europe + CIS region, yielding only the unstoppable Team Secret in the quality of the game and in the number of trophies. The boys received a promotion in late autumn 2020: the organization disbanded the first team, and the youngsters from Prodigy took their places with minor adjustments. Since then, the youth team has been empty. Until yesterday: VP's CEO Sergei Glamazda announced that the team from the second division named Team Generation will henceforth play under the Bears' black and red flag.

Virtus.Pro Prodigy New Roster

1. Noticed — carry

2. Larl — mid

3. celebrity — offlane

4. forsemajor — support

5. 37 — support

Who are Team Generation?

Daniil "Schelk" Shchelkunov, the coach, told how the roster was assembled:

Since April, I have worked a little in, in particular with the Prodigy roster. For that team, I was not quite like a game coach, but more in terms of mentality, voice, work systematization, and similar aspects. Somewhere in June, Sergei [Glamazda] and I talked, and he said: "Daniil, let's make a young team." First, we played with meLes before qualifying for ESL [One Germany]. But there was a certain force majeure, and since then we have been performing with Celebrity. All the guys are young, we work, we train. The plans are very big.

[At some point] I thought I needed to assemble a new team. This is how I stumbled upon Next Generation. There were Noticed and forsemajor from the current line-up. I realized that we would have a good tandem with them. We decided to get Celebrity, and he immediately suggested Larl. 37 is my friend. He is more from real life but still understands Dota well.

Team Generation is literally a youth stack. Four of them are 18 years old and only 37, together with the coach are 22 each.

What's up for the new VP.P?

The first thing, of course, is the Lower Division of the DPC League. The guys will practice calmly, grind third-party tournaments, and play in the second division. That's why it's a youth team, right?

Second: Sergey Glamazda knows how to do business, and this is obvious. The first VP roster is not that far away from Prodigy in the matter of age, so from a certain angle, this deal looks like an investment either in future sales or in a future roster. Ka-ching.

In any case, it will be interesting to watch what the guys show. They have very good potential, there is no pressure upon them. Time will tell!


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