ViCi Gaming qualify for IEM Beijing 2019

Sep 24 2019 2 min read

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After defeating Invictus Gaming 3-1 during the China closed qualifier, ViCi Gaming has secured a spot at IEM Beijing 2019

ViCi first beat Invictus in the Upper Bracket Final, 2-1. Invictus then managed to secure a rematch after defeating TYLOO in the Lower Bracket Final, 2-0.

The first game took place on Vertigo, where Invictus had a good CT start and pistol round conversion. However, ViCi's Andrew "Kaze" Khong and Tao "Franke19" Deng managed to pull off some strong plays which resulted in an 8-7 score in the initial half and 16-8 at the end. 

On Mirage, ViCi continued to dominate on the defence, but Invictus was able to close the gap, ending the half at 9-6 in favour of ViCi. The second half saw a lot of back and forth as each team tried to gain the advantage. It wasn't until Anton "Koshak" Platko secured a triple kill in round 25 that Invictus was able to build the momentum they used to win the map at 16-12.

The third map was Nuke, where Invictus carried over its momentum from Mirage. Gaining a three-round lead early on, Invictus managed to take the half at 9-6. Their fortune ran out in the second half though as ViCi doubled down and held their ground, closing the map at 16-13 and taking the series, 3-1.

Invictus automatically joined the Asia closed qualifier today where it was sent to the losers bracket by B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape, 2-0. After beating Lucid Dream in their last match for the day, Invictus will face Bren Esports in Lower Bracket round 3. TYLOO has made its way to the Grand Final and patiently waits for the conclusion of the Lower Bracket. The winner of the Asian closed qualifier will determine the last team to go to Haidian, Beijing. 

IEM Beijing 2019 will take place at Beijing University Students' Stadium from November 7-10.


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