Vici Gaming are the EPICENTER Major champions!

Jun 30 2019 2 min read

Vici Gaming are the EPICENTER Major champions! ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Vici Gaming became the EPICENTER Major champions: they beat Team Liquid with 3:2 score in the Moscow EPICENTER Major Grand Final.

Team Liquid took Anti-Mage for Miracle on the first map, and the main question of the game was whether he could farm several artifacts before the Ancient falls. Team Liquid carry died only once at the beginning of the game, after which he was quite out of control. Vici Gaming couldn't keep a player from Jordan and lost the game.

After that, the Chinese team improved their draft and performance. Yang on Centaur Warrunner was unstoppable on the second map. 6/2/14 for the offlaner, 8/1/4 for Ori, 8/3/9 for Paparazi - Team Liquid had no chance after the fifteenth minute.

The key to the Vici Gaming success in the third game was the duet Sven - Medusa. Team Liquid's hope for w33 on Timbersaw didn't come true. Romanian allowed the European team to seize the advantage at the beginning of the game, but the strict disciplined VG game neutralized this gap. When the VG core players farmed the necessary items, the lonely Juggernaut couldn't oppose anything to them.

The fourth game was held in the best legendary Chinese DotA traditions — Vici Gaming took advantage from the very beginning, and then slowly developed it. Team Liquid was kind of "immured in a room with sliding walls". Here is an example of a phenomenal game: 

Team Liquid didn't give up and used all their ingenuity to continue the fight. See how Roshan died!

What happened in the 63rd minute can't be expressed in words. Watch how Team Liquid conceded 47 thousand gold, and then managed to win the game.

Such an unfortunate defeat didn't upset the Chinese team, and they continued to play in their style. Team Liquid couldn't do anything with such a tense attack, and this time the comeback miracle didn't happen.

Vici Gaming earned $ 350,000 and finished third in Dota Pro Circuit 2018/19. Team Liquid will go to Shanghai, taking the fifth position in the seasonal ranking. 

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Team Liquid is in EPICENTER Major Grand Final
Team Liquid is in EPICENTER Major Grand Final
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