Valve Releases New CS:GO Operation Broken Fang

Dec 05 2020 7 min read
Credit: Valve

Valve has finally released the new CS:GO Operation Broken Fang, and it's full of amazing content!

Alright, nobody panic, but it's finally happened. Valve has released the latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Operation, titled Operation Broken Fang!!! While every operation comes with a boatload of content, Broken Fang may just have set a new record. So strap in as we delve into everything that was added in the new CS:GO Operation. 

The Operation Broken Fang Premium Pass

Operation Broken Fang Pass

As with every prior CS:GO Operations, you'll need to buy the Operation Pass, which will set you back by $14.99USD. Keep in mind that some content will still be available without the Pass but that most new features are reserved for Pass holders. 

Weekly Missions, Stars, and Operation Coin

Players will be challenged by various missions every week, earning Stars as rewards upon completion. In the previous Operation, Shattered Web, Stars counted towards a meter, and once players reached a milestone, they would receive a random reward, either a skin from a collection, an Agent skin, or a graffiti. It's worth mentioning that a limited amount of Stars can be unlocked each week, but players don't need to complete all of that week's missions to unlock the maximum number of stars. The only case where a player may look to complete every mission is when they're hunting for the Diamond Operation Broken Fang Coin.

CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Coin Missions

Rather than using a milestone system like in Operation Shattered Web, Valve has decided to give us more freedom by introducing the Operation Shop, allowing players to decide what they want to unlock in exchange for Stars. As with last year, Stars can also be purchased with real-world currency. The Operation Shop is a great feature because it reduces the element of randomness from what you can get, so it's much easier to get something from a specific collection. But speaking of which, what is on offer?

Broken Fang Operation Shop

New Skin Collections

Glock Neo Noir AK47 X-Ray AWP Fade M4 Welcome to the Jungle

In Operation Broken Fang, Valve has blessed us with four new skin collections: the Control Collection, the Havoc Collection, the Ancient Collection, and the Operation Broken Fang Collection. 

The Control Collection introduces one of the most hyped and anticipated skins, the AWP | Fade. While there are quite a few returning series, such as the Army Sheen, Carbon Fiber, and Nitro, the Control Collection also introduces plenty of new skins, such as the M4A1-S | Blue Phosphor, the Five-SeveN | Berries and Cherries, and the M4A4 | Global Offensive.

M4A1-S Blue Phosphor

The Havoc Collection also sees the return of quite a few familiar skins, with the Glock-18 | Franklin and the AK-47 | X-Ray being some of the nicest. The collection also introduces the AWP | Silk Tiger and the P250 | Bengal Tiger.

P250 Bengal Tiger

Much like the previous two collections, the Ancient Collection houses old skin series such as Army Sheen, Jungle Dashed, Night, and Dark Water, but it also adds a few new interesting designs. Notably, the vibrant M4A1-S | Welcome to the Jungle and the AK-47 | Panthera onca, which gives of AK-47 | Jaguar vibes. 

AK-47 Panthera once

The Operation Broken Fang Collection comes from the Operation Broken Fang Case and comprises community-made skins, with returning designs such as the Glock-18 | Neo-Noir and the M4A1-S | Printstream. The case also introduces various colorful designs such as the M4A4 | Cyber Security, the Five-SeveN | Fairy Tale, and the USP-S | Monster Mashup. Lastly, the Operation Broken Fang Case also brings us a new set of Rare Special Items. 

M4A4 Cyber Security

New Gloves

The Operation Broken Fang Case's Rare Special Items are gloves, 24 new pairs of gloves in fact. The case introduces four new pairs of Driver Gloves, Hand Wraps, Moto Gloves, Specialist Gloves, Sports Gloves, and all-new Broken Fang Gloves. From the Specialist Gloves | Marble Fade to the Driver Gloves | Snow Leopard, there's something for everyone in this case.

Operation Broken Fang Gloves

New Agent Skins, Patches, Stickers, and Graffitis

The Operation Shop also offers a wide variety of other new items, such as the 20 new Broken Fang Agent skins, the Broken Fang Sticker Collection, the Recoil Sticker Collection, the Recoil Graffiti Collection, and the Skill Group Patches. Valve has made sure that players have as many customizable options as possible in the new Operation. 

Operation Broken Fang Agents Stickers Patches Graffitis

New Maps

Operation Broken Fang Maps

Broken Fang introduces seven new maps, including one new competitive map, Ancient, which looks very similar to the classic de_aztec and is what the Ancient Collection is based on. The new community maps can be played in various game modes, including Danger Zone and Valve's two new game modes. 

Operation Broken Fang Ancient Map

New Game Modes

The first of the two new game modes is Retakes. As the name suggests, it's based on the popular community game mode, where the CTs must retake a bombsite while and defuse the bomb. In Valve's version, three Ts defend the bombsite while four CTs attempt to retake it. The players can choose one of three loadouts at the start of the round, allowing them to practice various setups. Retakes is a great addition to the main game, as it's a great game mode to practice grenade lineups, learn how to peak certain angles, and clear corners efficiently. It's worth noting that Retakes isn't exclusive to Operation Pass holders.

Operation Broken Fang Retakes CS:GO

The other new game mode, which is exclusive to Pass holders, is Broken Fang Premier, a "prime matchmaking" of sorts. Players are put into a lobby where they ban and pick maps from the Active Duty map pool. With the game mode being locked behind the $14.99USD Operation Pass price tag, there should also be a noticeable reduction in the number of cheaters and smurfs you encounter, as the game mode is aimed at players who take the game more seriously. While 128 tick matchmaking servers are still nothing but a dream, Broken Fang Premier is a great step towards encouraging players to play on Valve's servers rather than on third-party platforms such as ESEA or Faceit. 

Operation Broken Fang Premier Bans Picks

New Features

One of Valve's newly added features is Operation Stats, which tracks everything from map win rates to heatmaps. In-depth statistics will allow players to easily identify what mistakes they've been making: where they're aiming, what sites or maps they're better on, which weapons suit them best, as well as the usual K/D and ADR. Much like Broken Fang Premier, it's a great tool for players looking to improve and encourages allows Valve to retain a larger player-base on its servers.

Operation Broken Fang Stats Page

The other new feature is the Ping System, not unlike the ping system found in Riot Games' VALORANT. While there's a debate in the community as to whether or not pinging should be allowed in professional play, it's a great tool for matchmaking players as it eases communication between people who have just met. Pinging an exact location can either be faster or more accurate than trying to communicate it with words. The new voice commands will also allow players with no microphones or who don't wish to speak to still communicate with their teammates. 

Operation Broken Fang Ping System CS:GO

Closing Thoughts

Overall, Operation Broken Fang is a brilliant update, and it couldn't have come at a better time, considering so many players have gotten bored of Counter-Strike and decided to try VALORANT. Is it Source 2? No. Is it 128 matchmaking servers? No. Is it a huge change in the Active Duty map pool? Sadly no, Mirage remains. But at the end of the day, Valve has appealed to nearly every demographic of its fanbase. Do you like skins and customization? Plenty of new collections, Agents, gloves, stickers, patches, and graffitis for you to mess around with. Do you like classic Operation missions? Here's multiple weeks' worth. Do you like new casual maps? Here are seven of them. Do you take CS:GO seriously? Here's a bunch of new quality of life features to help you improve. Valve has done an incredible job with this update, and it's a statement that Counter-Strike isn't going anywhere any time soon.


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