Valve nerfs new R8 Revolver shortly after introducing it

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That didn't take too long, did it?

That didn't take too long, did it? Three days after the R8 Revolver was introduced in a new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update, Valve has scaled back the hand-cannon due to widespread complaints from fans that it was way too powerful.

The chief complaint was that while the gun was supposed to be a slow trigger and inaccurate when fanning the hammer, it was anything but. For a mere $850 (other revolvers cost only $700), they had a weapon with the same stopping power and long range accuracy as a higher-tier rifle. 

The studio stated in its CS: GO blog"While it typically takes more time to generate enough data to drive an update (and gameplay updates are always a bit disruptive), in this case it’s clear that we got the damage wrong and can respond immediately."

So, Valve has decreased the damage it can inflict and slowed its firing rate. "As experience with other new weapons (e.g., CZ75a and M4A1-S) has shown us, it may require several iterations over a longer period to find the stable values that create interesting strategic choices for players. We’re committed to monitoring usage and adjusting the values as required," promised the studio.

Today's update also tweaked other rifles and revolvers as well to rebalance them. Valve was non-specific about which ones were changed and by how much.


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