Valve listened: Sideshop is closed, recycling is back. But is that a good idea?

Jun 05 2020 2 min read

Valve listened: Sideshop is closed, recycling is back ⚡⚡⚡ Esports news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Today Valve has released an update regarding Dota 2 Battle Pass. Briefly:

  • Removed the Sideshop leaving Sithil and Quirt without work (poor folks);
  • Now you can recycle Immortals just like the last year;
  • To those who have already recycled Immortals, "the system will automatically back fill your progress on this replaced system and grant you additional immortal treasures as appropriate";
  • Rylai's Wheel Spin replaced all gold drops in the Battle Pass;
  • Weekly wages were boosted also (just like the last year).

Why did such a thing happen? Some people say that Valve listened to Reddit users who were highly demotivated by the original system.


If that is really true about listening to people on Reddit, I'm a bit confused. The point is, looks like Valve has forgotten about a little thing that usually happens with the community. There are always people who will be not satisfied enough or even hurt by the publisher's actions. When the Battle Pass was released, Dota 2 players were divided into two parts: those who were silently grinding their Battle Pass stuff, spending gold on Sideshop and just following the rules, and those were not so happy with the new 'ideas' Valve has invented. When the latter started raging about the injustice they got, Gabe's staff thought: why don't they just roll back to what they had last year? Seems like a good idea, because TI9 Battle Pass was genuinely great and one almost won't complain about it. But in a perspective, it turned out that they had just flipped the coin: now the other side of the community starts whining about what Valve did. Surely, some have already spent a lot to play Sideshop and almost got their Immortals, and now it all fades away. Could you imagine their anger? Yep.


Still, it is rather good news than bad. Because most of all, we can understand that Valve is really listening to the community's opinion. It is now all about what they will do with it

Democracy works in a fun way: never there will be 100% agreement between the people and never there will be a situation when everyone is happy. 


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