Valve hates asking your age every time but can’t stop

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Steam devs would like to ditch age gates, but they are bound by rules of rating agencies

When players want to open a Steam page with an age restricted game, they must enter their age. Sometimes even if it was done 15 minutes ago. This problem has been bugging gaming community for many years, but there’s no simple way to get rid of it.

Steam recently issued a developer’s update about the state of the online store with answers to frequently asked questions. They said nothing about Half Life 3 or “proper anti-cheat for CS:GO”, but still had a lot of interesting information to share. Devs covered issues like filtering mature content and uncovering different types of scams used to make money on Steam.

The last question of the Q&A section was about the age gates. Here is what Steam developers had to say:

“We're with you on this. Unfortunately, many rating agencies have rules that stipulate that we cannot save your age for longer than a single browsing session. It's frustrating, but know we're filling out those age gates too”.

So, this is it, Steam will have to ask about your age every time you log in through application or browser, and there doesn’t seem to be anything Valve can do about it, at least until some major changes happen in gaming industry.

And hey, even Gaben needs to enter his age if he wants to check out the last update on Skyrim.

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