Valve banned Battle Pass abusers for a year

May 13 2019 2 min read
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Numerous cases took place when players who have found bugs or invisible to the amateur eye vulnerabilities in the Battle Pass, have started to receive one-year bans on matchmaking. Many players have blamed "Valve's bloody hand" at various forums, but only now we can say that bans definitely exist, and the "era of an easy abuse" has come to an end.

The principle of action is about the same: there are two teams in one official public match, and one of them deliberately loses the game. The winners, respectively, made bets, exchanged tips and completed quests. Only methods differed. 

There were two types of abusers: "sandbox"-users, who upgraded Battle Pass with the help of Sandbox (a program that allows you to run Dota 2 from several accounts using one computer) but without "players" help. And, also, "classics" gathered in groups of five players and searched for matches on exceptional language and server combinations (e.g., Chinese language and server in Peru or Dubai). After this, the games lasted no more than 10 minutes. In the case, when groups played with each other, the parties switched sides, thereby passing the circle in 30-40 minutes (if nothing unexpected happened).


Source: Quora

Last year, only the "sandbox"-users got banned, but now several remarkable participants and organizers of the "classic abuses" also received restrictions. One of them, in a private conversation, shared that he had managed to reach only 24 levels, and after that, he received a ban. Why "only"? There was the fact is that some particularly diligent personalities managed to reach two thousand levels in this way in the past and get Roshan's figure, paying only for the standard Battle Pass.

It is likely that Valve considered the possible losses, and also heard plenty of complaints from ordinary players who were looking for games longer because of the abusers. Nevertheless, now the company will make everything possible to prevent some tricky players of kind of cheating in Dota 2, and the already "classic" fun came to an end.

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