VALORANT will launch without ranked

May 25 2020 1 min read
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Riot Games Global Communications Lead, Chris "PWYFF" Tom, has revealed that VALORANT will not launch with a ranked mode via Reddit.

PWYFF released a series of bullet points highlighting some speculation surrounding ranked and unrated MMR, when ranked is coming to the game after release, and how placement matches will work:

Chris "PWYFF" Tom

We're not going to be launching WITH ranked, probably turning it on in a few weeks after once everything's stable. Your ranked MMR is going to be reset, but the 20 match requirement isn't. We'll probably carry over some (maybe all) of your unrated MMR to keep the shark pool from eating the incoming fish. Anyone who was eligible to get the Valorant drop will get the exclusive player card. Not just the people who were eligible for the Valorant drop but didn't get it. Unrated MMR is completely separate from your ranked MMR. if you only ever played enough unrated games to unlock ranked and then played 200 ranked games never playing unrated, you would have two different MMR values and that your unrated is merely a snapshot in time.

VALORANT will be leaving closed beta on Thursday, May 28, then launch as a free-to-play title on Tuesday, June 2.


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