VALORANT: Skye – Guide – Abilities and Tips

Nov 05 2020 5 min read
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Main information

The new 1.11 patch brought us, along with the long-awaited introduction of the new Icebox map in ranked games, a new VALORANT agent — Skye. She became the thirteenth character on the roster.

Skye's ability to heal her team, as well as unrivaled potential in tracking down enemies and initiating gunfights, could make her the main support in the character pools of many teams.


Hailing from Australia, Skye and her band of beasts trail-blaze the way through hostile territory. With her creations hampering the enemy, and her power to heal others, the team is strongest and safest by Skye’s side.

Skye Bio


C – Regrowth

Regrowth is a skill that, in itself, makes Skye incredibly strong. It creates an aura of healing that restores health to all her allies in sight. The cost of 200 credits allows you to have this skill ready in each round and heal your teammates after being wounded in non-lethal fights.

This ability is powerful in and of itself, but team healing can be even more obscene when combined with Sage's heal. Such a combination will force the enemies to be as accurate as possible; otherwise, healing spam will not allow them to weaken your team, despite all the wounds inflicted.

The greatest benefit from this skill can be received during defense when a lot of AOE-damage flies into the plant. Regrowth can then heal everyone, and the team will meet the rush of the enemy with full health. The main difference between Skye and Sage heals is that the former cannot replenish her own health, so she should be more careful than her teammates.

Skye's Heal

Q – Trailblazer

In games such as VALORANT, where an accurate shot can instantly kill an enemy, information about the opponent’s location can be more valuable than any weapon the player is holding. Skye's Trailblazer skill adds her own spin to this.

Trailblazer is a spectral tiger that is controlled by the Skye player after being summoned, much like Sova's Drone. Unlike the flying gadget, the beast has limited vision but moves much faster and is able to stun the enemy.

The best moment to use Trailblazer can be the opening of each round when teams have no information about each other. Also, the tiger can be an excellent tool during the point retakes or during the siege of an entrenched opponent. It is worth considering that during the control of the Trailblazer tiger, Skye stands still and is extremely vulnerable, so the skill should be used from relative safety.

Skye's Stun

E – Guiding Light

The ability to start fights is one of the most important skills of any Initiator. Guiding Light is Skye's signature skill, which she can blind enemies with. Unlike the flashes of Phoenix and Breach, her blind is activated manually and at long distances.

Skye launches a spectral hawk that flies in the direction of the cursor, then explodes and blinds the enemy upon reactivation. The skill has a sound effect on a successful hit, so the player doesn't have to peek at random.

Guiding Light is available every round, and players should use it as often as possible. And there are a lot of uses for it in any situation, be it in attack, defense, a duel, or a crossfire, and so on. A long-range of activation allows Skye to initiate an offensive while remaining in the back rows without putting herself at risk.

Skye's Flash

X – Seekers

Skye’s ultimate is another way to detect and incapacitate the enemy. She sends three bloodhounds to track nearby opponents, attack, and limit their field of vision.

Seekers is probably the easiest offensive ultimate in the game to use: no aiming or any extra conditioning required. To use it correctly, you just need to cooperate with the team and attack the enemy after the spirits are launched. Even if the opponent manages to neutralize the Seeker by shooting it, it will at least distract their attention and give your team precious seconds needed to eliminate them.

Naturally, this skill is much more useful in attack than defense. But its usefulness cannot be underestimated when retaking a point or when there is information about enemies grouped nearby.

Ultimate costs only 6 points, so it is better to use it at any suitable moment than waiting for a super important decisive round.

Skye's Ultimate


The optimal solution for Skye from the very beginning of the game would be to purchase all available skills instead of a better pistol. The benefits they provide with a coordinated team can easily outweigh the slight increase in DPS.

As Skye, same as Sage, you should not be the first to rush into each door — it is better to let theoretical Reyna get the bullet rather than the support hero. However, you should not sacrifice firepower in favor of others and buy them guns — if you have enough money for a good weapon, you should buy it. The Skye player can act immediately after receiving information from their skills, and precious fractions of a second can be lost while conveying this info to others.

Nevertheless, Skye is the ultimate team player. She should never go out alone to lurk or flank — her abilities will be much less useful in this case. The best teammates for her are Sage — for the double synergy with healing — and any aggressive duelist who can take advantage of the chaos she creates.

There is no doubt that Skye, like Killjoy before her, will receive nerfs after release. She simply can do anything, and she does it well. The question is not whether she gets the nerfs, but which of her skills gets hit first. Until then, happy ranks grinding!


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