VALORANT character designer explains new agent Reyna’s abilities

Jun 01 2020 2 min read
Riot Games

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Over the weekend, Riot Games revealed the identity of the 11th agent coming to VALORANT, in the person of Reyna. 

The Mexican femme Fatale had a brief video showcase of her abilities with no information explaining what exactly her kit does. However, the game’s lead character designer Ryan “Morello” Scott shared more details afterward

Reyna is an offensive character that requires Soul Orbs to use her abilities. These orbs are dropped by her kills, making her bad for defensive situations at the start of a match. However, with these orbs, Reyna can either heal herself with the added option of 50 armor whenever she overheals, or become invulnerable for a few seconds. Both abilities share charges, and she can’t shoot while impervious to attack.

As for her ultimate, it improves Reyna’s firing rate, reload, and recoil, but resets once she gets a kill. In the video, Reyna also seemed to have a blinding ability, but that wasn’t explained. Fans should be able to see her in action later today during ESPN Esport’s 12-hour livestream of the game, which will feature much more than just gameplay.

The VALORANT closed beta ended a few days ago in preparation for tomorrow’s official release, bringing an extra map and the character Reyna to the game to make a total of four locations and eleven agents.


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