Valentines — Team Empire interview

Feb 11 2019 3 min read

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Greetings, people!

The cutest and most romantic Dota 2 tournament is almost on our streams. Valentine Madness is about love and Dota. Team Empire became the last, twelfth team of the competition, and so we decided to punish them with a difficult and slightly personal interview. Questions were asked to Vladislav "BLACKARXANGEL" Ivashenko, Konstantin "Kodos" Kogai and Igor "Maden" Modenov.

Name the three most beautiful heroes in Dota 2. Why?

Vladislav "BLACKARXANGEL" Ivashenko: Pudge, Техас (Dota 2 Russian caster — ed.), Broodmother.

Konstantin "Kodos" Kogai: Luna, Lina, Windranger. Because I'm a wild man. 

Igor "Maden" Modenov: OD, Treant, Phoenix. Beauty is in the details.

Dota 2 has a lot of archers, but which one could be the best Amor? 

In one voice: Clinkz! 

That's quite logical. He's fast, accurate, inconspicuous, hot — all needed!

Is it possible that Dota 2 can create loving couples? Do you have any examples? Do you know the opposite examples: when Dota, on the contrary, broke relations?

Konstantin "Kodos" Kogai: Lots of them. For example, Igor "Badplaya" Gorevoy and Yana "B2ru" Himchenko. Dota can be sadly decisive as well — I think there are tons of such examples, but they are just all at the everyday life level.

Igor "Maden" Modenov: There are, but I haven't met any. 

How the balance between Dota and private life can be found?

Vladislav "BLACKARXANGEL" Ivashenko: There is none.  

Konstantin "Kodos" Kogai: Everyone has their own balance.

Igor "Maden" Modenov: You have to manage your time correctly.

Three diametrically opposed views of privacy and Dota. What do you think? Write in the comments.

Most romantic action you have ever made?

Konstantin "Kodos" Kogai: I once have ordered a pizza for my classmate-girl! 

Igor "Maden" Modenov: I have a bunch of them, can't tell you what was the best. 

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Tell us your ideal plan to mark VD with your couple.  

Vladislav "BLACKARXANGEL" Ivashenko: I don't celebrate it.

Konstantin "Kodos" Kogai: In Dota! I haven't got a girlfriend. 

Igor "Maden" Modenov: I would spend a day with my beloved one. If there are no Dota games, of course. But you can still mark it on another day with a walk, a dinner and etc. 

We can guess that playing games is also a good option to mark VD. Do you agree? 

Vladislav "BLACKARXANGEL" Ivashenko: Yes!

Konstantin "Kodos" Kogai: Obviously, but only if you will do something afterwards. 

Igor "Maden" Modenov: Why not?

And a bonus! #ChildhoodVideogameCrush. Tell us about your childhood crush, a character you fell in love with. 

Igor "Maden" Modenov: Triss Merigold from The Witcher! 

Картинки по запросу трисс меригольд арт

Thank you very much guys for the answers to such scrupulous questions. They stood firmly, and we did everything necessary to make you giggle a little. Good luck to them in the tournament!

Perhaps Valentine's Day is just a holiday bloated by marketers so that global megacorporations can clog their pockets with money from mere mortals. Or maybe this is truly day of love and happiness. In any case, WePlay! editors remind you: love your loved ones and tell them about it without any special set days!


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