Update for League of Legends

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The new update 4.13 for League of Legends MOBA-game appeared

Update for League of Legends

The new update 4.13 for League of Legends MOBA-game appeared.

World championship 2014 on LoL is getting closer and closer, and on its threshold developers of the popular game presented a new multi-patch to the fans. Update 4.13 adds more than 40 changes to the game, and the emphasis is made exactly on the competitive component. According to the developers, their main goal was to diversify game strategies. To do this, they updated champions, items, and summoner’s spells.

In particular, aggressive champions: Elise, Evelynn and Lee Sin have been weakened. Elise’s cocoon is decreased together with the Rappel range, Evelynn’s Hate Spike now requires less mana and causes less damage, and duration of Lee Sin’s shield effect is halved. So, now the other champions will be able to show themselves better. In general, 14 champions have been nerfed, 15 – buffed, and Sona has been changed both in terms of her skills and visually.

Besides these changes, the missing link appeared in the game – Gnar, the new champion. This prehistoric yordle will show its best on the top line of Gorge Summoner. It can take one of two forms – Mini-Gnar and Mega-Gnar. Mini version of Gnar is notable for its mobility, so this champion can effectively strike quickly and evade damage. Mega-Gnar does everything exactly in the opposite way. It is slow, but very destructive tank that hits hard, but acts slowly in catching up. You will be forced to think carefully on choosing one of Gnar’s form in certain conditions on the map.


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