Upcoming WoW content revealed

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Upcoming WoW content revealed

The content of patch 8.1 has been announced by game developer Ion Hazzikostas

The upcoming features to be added in Battle for Azeroth were revealed to the public last Tuesday. In a live-streamed announcement on Twitch, game developer Ion Hazzikostas showcased the developer team’s plans for the near future of World of Warcraft

Patch 8.1, dubbed The Tides of Vengeance, will continue the already established faction war storyline, resulting in players unlocking new allied races - the Zandalari Trolls for the Horde and the Kul Tiran Humans for the Alliance. The team also plan to help further the unique feeling of every existing race within the game by adding heritage armour, previously thought to be an allied race-exclusive feature, for Dwarf and Blood Elf players. 

With the mythic Uldir world first race taken by Method, the upcoming patch will also include raid content. A filler 2 boss raid in the Crucible of Storms will further our understanding of the connection between house Stormsong and the naga forces of Azshara

Furthermore, players will converge in Dazar’Alor, the Horde capital in Zuldazar. The Siege of Zuldazar raid will be a venture hitherto unseen in World of Warcraft, with differing raid content both for the Alliance and the Horde. As the Alliance forces gather in the harbour, ready to strike on King Rastakhan’s palace, the Horde will scramble their reinforcements to rush to the aid of the Zandalari leader. A heated debate on the balance issues surrounding the format of the raid is already taking place on forums, with players raising concerns in regards to fairness and faction bias likely to become a major problem in patch 8.1

Ion Hazzikostas also revealed additional Island Expeditions and a new Warfront coming in the near future. On top of that, the team plan on improving existing features, mainly the Azerite Armour added to the game in Battle for Azeroth

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