Unobvious differences between Dota 2 and Artifact

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Unobvious differences between Dota 2 and Artifact

There are differences between the games, that you might not be aware of

Dota 2 and Artifact are based on a single universe and have the same objective — killing the enemy Ancient while defending yours. Both games have 3 lanes and heroes, that spawn upon death and rotate between the lanes. With that being said, there are subtle and unobvious differences between those games.


For example, Dota players are used to the 3 attributes all heroes belong to. Each of those has the corresponding colour:

  1. Blue Intelligence
  2. RedStrength
  3. GreenAgility


Artifact also separates heroes by colours, and players can use only cards that are of the same colour as the Hero on the current lane is. Incidentally, the card game also uses the 3 colours from Dota 2, but it also has an additional Black colour.

On top of that, heroes’ attributes differ between games, for example, Dark Seer’s main attribute in Dota 2 is Intelligence (Blue), while in Artifact the character’s card is Green.

 Not all heroes in Artifact are represented in Dota 2, some of them are unique and might never make their way to the original MOBA.

Like Dota 2, Aritfact has Melee Creeps. But in the card game, these 2/4 units don’t spawn simultaneously on every lane, but randomly by 2 for any of the lanes at the start of the move.

What other unobvious differences have you noticed? Share it with us in the comments.

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