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New stream show on WePlay.TV!

World of Tanks
is the game which unites millions of users and holds a lot of dangers inside.

Burning sands of desert maps, impassable snowdrifts and ice mound of winter maps, unexplored jungles and, of course, unsleeping enemy which lurks around and is always ready to explode a stowage or set fire to an engine ...

Brave streamer MsTuTeJl6 goes into a wild random over and over again and shows how to survive in such rough conditions. And, of course, any of risky events will not be held without you, our dear audience!

Rules of stream show:
1. You need to get into the same battle with the streamer. To increase the chance of getting into the same battle the game will be held on RU5, battle mode is standard. Fights begin after a countdown on WePlay gaming channel.
2. If you got into a battle, you must write the code phrase “Выжить любой ценой” in general chat.
3. If you get into a team opposing to streamer (MsTuTeJl6) and kill him, you will receive 500 gold, and 200 gold more for each next frag. (For example, you have 4 frags, one of them is streamer, so you’ll receive 500 +200 +200 +200 = 1100 gold).
4. If you got into the same team with the streamer, do not despair: if streamer survives, and if you stay alive till the end of the battle, you will get 200 gold (outcome of the battle does not matter).


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