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Aug 06 2019 5 min read

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Today, we are going to recall one of the most unusual, yet intriguing rivalries in the history of competitive Dota 2. Both teams featured in the article are not in any kind of genuine conflict; moreover, they are both going to The International 2019 as the favourites of their regions. However, there’s just a single statistical fact, which has drawn our closest attention.

Virtus.pro and Evil Geniuses. The seasoned veterans of the Dota 2 professional scene and the indisputable favourites of CIS and North America correspondingly. Could you imagine that the Russian “bears” haven't been able to beat the North American team for a total of 1571 days using various line-ups? Virtus.pro hasn’t won a single time against Evil Geniuses for four and a half years straight – the teams had more than 20 meet-ups during that period, and the best achievements by the CIS clan were three draws.

EG has defeated the opponents 17 times with 39:8 score of maps won. The sweet revenge came in February 2018 – and this is a story worth recalling.

How it all began

To examine the beginning of the rivalry, we have to take a look back at 2013. DreamHack decided to create a separate brand for Dota 2 competitions – the famous DreamLeague, and November 2013 was the month when the kick-off season started.

The group stage brought together four European teams (Alliance, Natus Vincere, Fnatic, and Virtus.pro) and two American ones – Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid. Both the latter ones had a slight disadvantage because of ping – and the odds were in favour of the EU teams.

At that time, Virtus.pro was going through a reorganization phase as the team only managed to score 13th-16th at The International 2013. Evil Geniuses weren’t in a much better stance either, although they had a fresh second place at ESWC 2013. Despite that, both teams couldn’t make it out of the group stage of DreamLeague.

Funnily, Virtus.pro won that one time. The line-up of blowyourbrainGLighTofHeaveNNSARS-ART defeated the group of EG’s players represented by FearMSSUNiVeRsEJeyoFogged. For the next four and a half years, EG hasn’t lost a single game to VP.

The G era

Sergey “G” Bragin was the only player who managed to keep his place in the active line-up of Virtus.pro until summer 2016. By that time, the rest of the team changed completely. Most of the players either retired or simply fell out of the main line-up – as blowyourbrain did.

G has been the part of the team for a total of 16 match-ups with EG, 13 of which ended in the favour of Geniuses. Here’s the full list of players from both sides of the rivalry during that period:


Evil Geniuses

























As you can see, there’s a fairly huge number of players. We can see a lot of famous names, although the result has always been the same. Evil Geniuses didn’t lose a single match to Virtus.pro. It is worth noting that during that period, EG got into the top-3 of The International three times and one of those was a victory.

Virtus.pro wasn’t showing anything significant. Their greatest achievement during the very same period was ending up in top-6 of three The International tourneys (2015, 2017, 2018), which is still the best performance for the team at the Dota 2 world championships.

By the way, The International 2015 was the place where EG and VP had their last draw.

A new course, same results

The summer of 2016 was a crucial moment for the team. Virtus.pro decided to change its course drastically. Solo was invited as the new captain and he was joined by RAMZES666, No[o]ne, 9pasha, and Lil. That particular line-up was fairly strong and fearsome. During the dramatic grand finals of The Kiev Major, they lost to OG in a very tight fight; The International 2017 brought them the 5th-6th place, and the team was absolutely destroying everyone in Dota Pro Circuit 2017/2018 seasons.

What remained untouched though was the inability of the team to win over Evil Geniuses – even despite the fact that the American team was having troubles with the latest season.

From December 2016 to January 2018, the teams met four times. Each time EG won with 2:0 score, but there was one particular match in Boston, which is worth noting:

Both teams performed with style, and the nontrivial decision to buy Blade Mail for Alchemist was the breaking point of the second map. It’s highly likely that the fans of VP are still feeling disappointed over that match.

RodjER incoming

It might be a strange coincidence, but the coming of Vladimir “RodjER” Nikogosyan was the crucial point of the four-year-long rivalry. The refreshed line-up of Virtus.pro was going to fight against Evil Geniuses at ESL One Katowice 2018 for the 21st time.

Evil Geniuses were in a properly bad stance then. They had a single achievement in their assets – third place at DreamLeague Season 8. Therefore, the team wasn’t considered a favourite in the match against Virtus.proEG had won the first Major of the season by then and was occupying one of the key positions.

There was also a spicy detail — the teams met during the play-off stage, which meant that the loser would have to leave the tournament. There wasn’t a tight fight, though. Virtus.pro was dictating its will during all the three maps in a row, and Evil Geniuses were lucky enough to last that long only because VP made a series of mistakes during the second map.

The revenge was sweet, but it could actually give the team – and its fans – severe cases of diabetes. The last time EG succumbed to VP’s onrush was more than four years ago then – and the taste of victory was well forgotten by the Russian team. In other words, the anticipated revenge reached the levels of sweetness that shouldn’t be even possible.

What’s next?

Right now, both teams have the well-deserved status of Dota 2 living legends. They regularly perform exciting plays at prestige tournaments and show impressive results. After the VP’s “spell” of inability to win over EG was broken, the teams started to exchange victories. Out of eight recent meet-ups, VP has won five times, and EG – three times. They’ve given us a number of exciting matches, and to finish the article, we are going to feature one of their latest standoffs – the one from the DreamLeague Season 11 Major, which happened on March 20, 2019.

It is likely that next time we will see these teams playing against each other at the EPICENTER Major. And if they indeed end up performing there, we will be treated with high-class plays regardless of the results.

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