UK university offer esports scholarship

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UK university offer esports scholarship

Play your favourite game for money and study at the same time.

You say you don’t like studying? What about the university? Still nothing? Let me tell you a secret,  nobody does! But what If they give you money from playing your favourite game while studying, sounds better? I bet it does.

London based University of Roehampton as a first university in the UK just made a statement about scholarship for the next year, 2019. The program will support 10 people, who show exceptional skill in competitive gaming, preferable in most notably games such as Call of Duty, League of Legends, Counter-Strike and many others.  

You probably wondering how much money It will be. The scholarship will be worth £1,500 a year and also help students on any course, at any level. You can send your applications on University website from September this year, so don’t hesitate, this is your chance!  

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