Ubisoft presented 2 new Rainbow Six: Siege Operators

Aug 18 2019 2 min read

Ubisoft presented 2 new Rainbow Six: Siege Operators ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Just before the Grand Finals of Rainbow Six Siege Raleigh Major 2019, Ubisoft introduced two new Operators for Rainbow Six: Siege and shared other details about the upcoming global update called Ember Rise: Battle Pass and Kanal map rework.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise New Operators

As previously reported, the roster will be expanded by Goyo (Defenders) and Amaru (Attackers).

The first one is great for beginners. Goyo can be armed with a TCSG12 shotgun or Vector .45 ACP machine gun. His main ability deploys a shield with explosives attached. The bomb is activated by a direct hit flaming the floor in a small radius. Shortcomings: his ability can be used against own squad, which casts doubt on its effectiveness in a competitive environment.

Amaru can be armed with a G8A1 light machine gun or a Supernova shotgun as the main weapon, an ITA12S shotgun or an SMG-11 machine gun and received one of the most unique abilities among all the existing heroes. With the help of Garra Hook, you can not only climb buildings with lightning speed but also penetrate boarded-up windows.

R6S Kanal map remake

The developers have also presented a revised version of Kanal map. Take a look at the buildings — they seem just repainted. But once you get inside the building, you won't recognise this place. It's not just a floor upgrade Kafe Dostoevsky has seen, Kanal is totally new now. And it will be very interesting to play.

Fewer windows to rush into buildings, more open areas — the gameplay will change significantly, making the map slower. Still, the main tactics are not so broken here, as old Kanal intact is still there. Now, there are more options both for attackers and defenders.  

Rainbow Six Siege "Call Me Harry" Battle Pass

Ubisoft has announced Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass. It looks like the ones from Fortnite and Apex Legends. Two versions of Battle Pass are planned for Ember Rise, the first of which — named "Call Me Harry" — will remain relevant for only 7 days and will be available to all users for free. Completing objectives will grant you a unique Harry Chibi Charm. Earn battle points as you play to progress through the Battle Pass. 

Battle Pass also gives us a lot of lore from Rainbow Six Siege universe by telling stories about its Operators. During the Year 4 Season 4 Battle Pass, the story will focus on Harry, the new Commander of Team Rainbow, as well as feature other Operators from the game's roster.

With Season 4 coming closer to the end of the year, the developers promised to please players with a lot of cosmetics. 

The update will appear on the test servers on August 19. The public release date is still unknown.


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