Tychus Findlay added to StarCraft II’s coop

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Infamous marine joins the fray

StarCraft II’s coop mode has just received its newest addition in Tychus Findlay, an outlaw mercenary hailing from Mar Sara. Having reformed his gang, the Heaven’s Devils, Tychus allows the player to recruit iconic characters from StarCraft’s lore to tackle challenges presented in the successful game mode added in Legacy of the Void

As stated in the trailer video, there are a total of 9 characters, whom Tychus can include in his rag-tag team of mercenaries. Split into 3 categories: the Guns, the Muscle, and the Fixers, the player can only use 4 outlaws, besides Tychus, at any given point in time.

The Heaven’s Devils can be recruited in Joey Ray’s Bar, which players may remember from the Wings of Liberty singleplayer campaign. Each despedaro has a unique set of abilities which set them apart, allowing the player to correctly respond to whatever adversary comes their way:

Crooked Sam, the Reaper - deals high single target damage and works best when sent against high hp enemies.
James ‘Sirius’ Sykes, the Warhound - has a set of deployable turrets that mimic his abilities with a chance of disorienting enemy units for a short period of time.
Miles ‘Blaze’ Lewis, the Firebat - douses enemies with oil, setting them on fire, and causing them to explode upon death.
Rob ‘Cannonball’ Boswell, the HERC - pulls himself to a target location, stunning enemies in an area upon impact. Gains attack speed and damage whilst fighting, and will fully restore his health upon taking a lethal blow.
Kev ‘Rattlesnake’ West, the Marauder - counters armoured units and deploys healing beacons to rejuvenate nearby allies.
Vega, the Ghost - has the ability to mind-control enemies, allowing the player to temporarily use them as their own.
Nux, the Spectre - deals massive AoE damage with Ultrasonic Pulse.
Lt. Layna Nikara, the Medic - boosts the team’s survivability with single and multi target Healing, as well as a deployable shield barrier.
Tychus Findlay - calls down a Medivacs to evacuate the Heaven’s Devils. Also has the ability to pilot the Odin, which stuns enemies upon arrival. If things get rough, the player can press the big red button to call down a nuclear strike.

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