Two new card backs in latest Hearthstone patch

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You can get one of them but getting to level 20 in ranked games while second is obtained by completing challenge in another Blizzard IP - Heroes of the Storm.

Описание обновления


Blizzard released new patch for its card games Hearthstone yesterday.


In addition to usual "improvements and fixes" there were added two new card backs.




First one is obtained by getting to level 20 in ranked games, just as usual.




And the second one looks far more showily. You can get this card back by completing a challenge in another Blizzard game - Heroes of the Storm. You have to get to level 12  in HotS in order to claim new cards back. Heroes of the Storm is on its closed beta at this moment and we dont know exactly if you need to complete this challenge before game's release on June, 2 or you have to do it after the release. Anyway, we recommend to not waste time and get level 12 as soon as possible, especially since the Heroes of the Storm is worth playing.

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