Twitter is going to ban you if you threaten to kill Sean Bean

Nov 25 2018 2 min read

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It's common knowledge that threatening to kill people could lead to harsh consequences, but in case of video game characters, it's pretty OK. They do not exist in real life, therefore you can't actually kill them or do any harm. Still, it's pretty much a matter of chance whether your words towards video game characters will be rated dangerous or not.

The latest promotional campaign for Hitman 2 included the figure of famous actor Sean Bean. Mister Bean is well-known for his characters that often die in movies and TV shows. His casting as Eddard Stark in "Game of Thrones" was a glorious move by showrunners, and pretty much the same was done by IO Interactive studio - the developers of Hitman 2. They cast him as the first Elusive Target for the game. In other words, mister Bean was purposefully made a target for Agent 47 - a person, that must be killed at any costs.

It's a clever way to advertise a game, and players all over the world were really hyped for Bean's inclusion in the game and looking forward to, well, killing him. One of the Twitter users named TheFatConsol3R literally posted the following a few days ago:

"Looks like I'm gonna be killing Sean Bean tonight then."

This message was considered by Twitter moderators as a violation of service's "rules against posting violent threats." As a result, TheFatConsol3R was permanently banned due to his words sounding like an actual threat to Sean Bean's life. It is worth noting that mister Bean was openly enjoying himself while working with IO Interactive. The user did his best to explain the situation but was left with no answer from Twitter authorities.

VG247 reported this story almost the moment it happened, and funnily a few hours later TheFatConsol3R was freed from his Twitter suspension. There were no answers provided, but the user claims this happened due to VG247's coverage. Looks like someone realized his mistake and tried to end the story unnoticed.

You better watch what you are saying these days. We highly recommend you not to wish some Italian plumbers a painful death in case you don't want to be permanently banned from social media for planning Mario and Luigi's assassinations.


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