Twitch clips and highlights #5

Jul 11 2019 2 min read

Twitch clips and highlights #5 ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Twitch is full of new talents and popular streamers. Every day and every hour so many dramatic, surprising and funny moments happen. We decided to save your time in searching hot Twitch moments of the previous week and do it for you. 

Dota 2

This week was dedicated to the main event of the year, in particular to its important stage - the Qualifiers. The most popular moment of the week in Dota 2 category became Enigma's ultimate from AdmiralBulldog. Think wisely before the right ulti: 

Of course, the main sensation of the previous week became Afoninje's rage quit during the infamous game against Winstrike, which cost the possible place between the TI9 participants to his team. We wrote about this case in the details in our daily TI9 Qualifiers recap

Have you already tried the new Mo'rokai mode for the Battle Pass owners? Check out what Purge thinks of it — do you agree with him? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

John Anthony "Natsumi" Vargas from Team Adroit had so much strength and power in his Sven that even Trent couldn't resist his charm and gave his life in just one hit.


Few gamers don't know about the legendary Astralis team and the most popular highlight of the week in CS:GO category was dev1ce's Deagle Ace during ESL One Cologne 2019.

But our heart is with NIP and legendary Christopher "Get_RiGht" Alesund. We already told you how emotional he can be in the previous article, and this time he showed his clear and honest emotions in front of the big live audience. The details are in our ESL One Cologne 2019 daily recap.   


The moment that collected more than half a million views on Twitch is simple at first sight — just one young streamer presents his father to the audience, but don't judge so quickly and watch the next moment, too.

League of Legends

This game is never loosing its positions and is always at the top, just like Martin "Rekkles" Larsson: 

Why do we like this game? Well, not because of the matches' atmosphere and spectacular battles in it, but also for the game fans, which are like a family to the pro-players and streamers. For example, Macailya's audience knew important news first:

Dota Underlords

As our colomn turned out to be not so happy, we decided to add some funny moments from always cheerful and laughing (and our favorite, shhh, it's a secret) Swim — he really likes playing Dota Underlords and has excellent results!

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