Tug of War: Rise of the Dire. China

May 27 2019 3 min read

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The evening gently covered the Nightsilver Woods, soft colors of the crimson sunset swallowed everything around - leaves, tree trunks, young grass, a folding counter, and finally, the owners of the bizarre cart themselves. The heat of the day retreated with the setting sun, and the long-awaited coolness descended to the meadow again.

The merchants' work was almost done: the armor was assembled and installed on a wooden rack. Only a niche, in which, according to the valuable drawing, one detail was missing, was seen on the chest. The big man examined the work, now and then checking the yellowed parchment that he was holding. The thin one carefully groped his left thigh.

"We've almost done here," he said, "the last contenders remain. It is even inconvenient to receive representatives of the Eastern Empire on this forest meadow."

"I'm sure they've seen worse," the stocky merchant grinned. "The Eastern Empire is one of the most ancient states on this earth. And the most powerful. Its fighters almost always reserved the final word - from the battlefield to strategic decisions."

In ancient times, only the Capitol of Black Gold could withstand the harmonious and disciplined redoubts of the Eastern Empire. But only the last has passed the test of time. Warriors of the Empire tend to complete domination, so be watchful with your tongue.

"Everything will be fine," answered the lanky, "I understand who I am dealing with."

"The Eastern Empire has three Great Champions," the big man continued, "you'll see two of them with your own eyes today."

The merchant untied the tightened knot with some effort and opened the bundle that fit right in his hand. The palm immediately lit up with a faint greenish light. The merchant held a small black ring. Emerald magic waves pulsed wonderfully through it in the rays of the setting sun.

The merchant frowned and carefully inserted the ring into the prepared shell of the ring. The artefact tightly stuck to the chest plate immediately, heavy armor has vibrated and took a dark green shade.

"Look, it's like ribs," the skinny smiled.

"Let's repeat this," replied his plump partner and took out a scroll encrusted with gems.

  • Invictus Gaming
  • Royal
  • Team Serenity
  • Newbee
  • EHOME (semifinals)
  • Royal Never Give Up (semifinals)


We'd like to remind you that Tug of War: Dire starts on Tuesday, May 28, and you can find all the necessary information regarding the tournament using the Tug of War: Dire tag and the following links:

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