Tug of War: Radiant – interview with Gambit Esports

Feb 27 2019 3 min read

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Among the armies that represent the East at the WePlay! Tug of War: Radiant tournament there’s one that stands out in terms of experience and performance. We are talking of Gambit Esports, of course, who were the winners of both Winter Madness and Valentine Madness. Let’s hear the words of fng, team’s captain, in regards to their future plans and latest achievements.

  1. WePlay!: Glad to see you once again on a WePlay tournament! Do you like it here? Do you have any ideas for us to improve on?

    Gambit.fng: Good day to you! We certainly love participating in your tournaments, but there’s a single thing that bothers us sometimes. I’m talking about delaying matches and starting them too late in the evenings.

  2. WePlay!: You’ve scored the first place during both Winter Madness and Valentine Madness. How about a hat-trick? Are you up for winning Tug of War: Radiant as well?

    Gambit.fng: Well, the latest Minor at ESL Katowice was a nice sort of training for us because we got the chance to play against one of the strongest teams in the world as well as to see how they performed. That’s why we are up for everything that’s about to happen. 

  3. WePlay!: You dominated Ninjas in Pyjamas in the Valentine Madness finals, but honestly, everyone thought NiPs would win. Do you consider them tough opponents? What helped you to win?

    Gambit.fng: We were not prepared for what they had to show us in the semifinals. The things they did, we’ve never seen anything like that before, they’ve taken us by surprise. After we got defeated, we thoroughly inspected the mistakes we made as well as NiPs’ tactics and we concluded what to do next. That’s why we were ready to take our revenge in the final game.

  4. WePlay!: You did a great job at ESL One Katowice 2019 and made it to the finals, but sadly couldn’t win the series. What was wrong?

    Gambit.fng: To be honest, nothing was wrong. Our opponent in the finals happened to be better than us – it’s simple as that. But we’ve earned experience and got a nice training, as I said before.

  5. WePlay!: What are your plans for the current Dota Pro Circuit season?

    Gambit.fng: Most of the teams are targeting The International, and our team is  not an exception. It’s always nice to get there through DPC rather than through qualifications, but we’ll have to work a lot to do that.

  6. WePlay!: How are you feeling about your team right now?

    Gambit.fng: The sky is the limit, as you know, and we’d like to try something new – but also to improve what we are good at right now.

  7. WePlay!: Do you believe Dota 2 is in a good stance right now in terms of balance and existing features? What would you change given the chance?

    Gambit.fng: There’s an obvious imbalance in choosing sides. Radiant’s easy lane is great for farming neutral creeps, which has a great impact on laning. Dire has nothing like that. Radiant also has an advantage in the middle lane, as it provides easier roaming and advancing for Roshan. These are just examples; one of the sides has always been more advantageous in Dota. Apart from that, I’d say Dota is well-balanced, and the game is following the right direction.

  8. WePlay!: Did you read your team’s backstory? What do you think of it?

    Gambit.fng: It was pretty unusual but quite interesting to read nonetheless. :)

  9. WePlay!: You might’ve noticed that we are clashing the West and the East in the tournament. Don’t you feel the pressure while representing the East as one of its best teams in Tug of War?

    Gambit.fng: Nah, we don’t feel anything like that.

  10. WePlay!: Do you think there’s a really tough opponent among the teams we’ve invited for Tug of War?

    Gambit.fng: You should never underestimate your opponents, otherwise, you are taking a huge risk, and it all might end badly.


You can see Gambit Esports at WePlay! Tug of War: Radiant tomorrow at 17:00 CET. All the necessary information in regards to the tournament is always present on the dedicated page.


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