Tug of War: Radiant. Chapter two

Mar 02 2019 2 min read

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Archronicus, tome I, Chapter II:

“[...] I’ve been studying Mad Moon more and more, testing the energy field that surrounds this mysterious celestial body using the knowledge I picked up in the Academy. [...]

This energy conducts both unfathomable power and peaceful emanations. Its force is beyond human comprehension. [....] Eventually, I discovered my own amazing transformation — I lost the need for food and rest and my magic potential has developed to the new boundaries. I was sure it had something to do with Mad Moon — it’s energy was feeding me from far far away. [....]

The mysterious satellite was occupying all of my free time. [...] It took a while before I realized that the Mad Moon doesn’t drive anyone crazy it just released the hidden abilities and enhances the nature and sources of power, encapsulated in everyone. [...]

One day I used a magically enhanced optic sensor to look at different regions of Mad Moon at a close distance. [...] My excitement was incredible! The massive astronomical object on one side didn’t look like nature’s creation, and on the other, it was a stark example of life’s creation, the biggest phenomenon of the endless Universe. [...]

I was thoroughly impressed by the massive chasms that looked like scar tissue on the celestial body. [...] Later I discovered their artificial origin — Mad Moon lost its monolithic integrity and was kept together only by the energy field.

Puzzled by the discovery, I went on a search of the Mad Moon shards, focusing on the familiar magical field. For months I have been searching, but my labour wasn’t in vain — on the eastern border of Quoidge I found a pulsating shard.

Many adventures happened on my path — some were trivial and some deadly. My pack was filled with the strongest items known to men. [...] In a forge in the Red Mountain I used them to forge an artefact worthy of the Mad Moon Shard. The Scepter was too powerful even for me. [...]”

This is how Aghanim's Scepter was created.


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