Tug of War Memories. Part 3: Dire America

Feb 06 2020 2 min read
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The Dire field didn't have enough time to cool down from the battle of Asian warriors, when a horde of participants from America, wishing to get their part of the red crystals' power, had flown up. 

We saw the real international battles. The fighters from fifteen countries took part in it: the immortal Fear, whose name is carved on the Aegis of Champions, the cosmopolitan Black ^, who traveled the world, the charismatic ixmike88, and many others, no less famous fighters.

In the North American region, warriors who have gained a reputation as masters allowed rivals to prove themselves only to extinguish the fire of hope peremptorily.

When it came to the final battle, we saw a theatrical struggle between J. Storm and beastcoast, in which the experience of Resolut1on was a decisive factor. The "stormy" ones went further to fight the European Vikings.


On the other side of the battlefield - South America. The brave local warriors easily confronted the opponents and could reflect even the attack of famous cat-burgers' Anvorgesa and pain Gaming

Our caring archivist has prepared several interesting facts for lovers of various numbers and statistics. All the necessary data from the Second Crystal War is collected here.


It seems that we're done here and the story has been told. We shall now leave you with these words and our Tug of War archive:

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