Tug of War Memories. Part 2: Dire Asia

Feb 04 2020 2 min read
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The story began to unfold even faster with the advent of Radiant green crystals on Earth and the first champions of the WePlay! Tug of War trilogy. In the east, ordinary people discovered red stones, similar to rubies, but having different, unearthly nature of origin.

Twelve bold squads considered this sign a call to battle. Six representatives of the Celestial Empire and six teams located in different parts of Southeast Asia entered the battlefield with serious intentions. Similar to the First Crystal War, the warriors determined the strongest inside their regions first, and then two most active squads clashed in a final fight for the Champion title.

Chinese region pleased Dota 2 fans with the pocketful of legendary warriors, whose successful adventures were inscribed on the Aegis of Champions. But not only Ferrari_430, Faith_bian, and y` attracted the attention of onlookers and ordinary people. Monet, ddc, Fenrir, Sccc, LaNm, September - the list of high-quality experts can be continued for as long as the Sun shines. They say that there is something in Royal nature that sets its owners apart from the rest. Maybe this is a special environment; perhaps the secret is in their path of life - one thing we know for sure: they Never Give Up.

The brave Royal Never Give Up team only once showed a momentary weakness, being caught by surprise with the unexpected strength of Storm Spirit. Memento mori - remember that you are mortal - and the enemies will fall before your determination.


On a nearby battlefield, no less stunning clashes were prepared for the warriors. Audience's favorite Geek Fam, led by the legendary Mushi, almost immediately fell under the onslaught of a young Indonesian talent EVOS Esports, and the rest began to confront with tripled force.

The young Filipinos Neon Esports quite unexpectedly turned out to be kings of the battlefield. But even their agility was not enough during the final fight: they were forced to bow their heads before the will of the Royal Never Give Up warriors, without inflicting a single exact hit.

With this, we will pause our story. You still have something to remember, and if you suddenly dozed off under an unhurried narration, the chronicler carefully outlined the speech:

Tug of War Memories, Part 1: Radiant

The strongest warriors hall of fame


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