Tug of War memories. Part 1: Radiant

Jan 30 2020 2 min read
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Five squads gathered near a fireplace. Brave warriors are preparing for The Endgame, reading the newest and ancient archives.

Almost a year had passed since the Radiant green crystals lit up the Earth. Ink on the old papers dimmed, and the memories became vague. So, it's time for us to remind you of the essential milestones of the previous battles because soon, eight legendary squads will clash in a severe fight for the WePlay! Dota 2 Tug of War: Mad Moon champion title.      

Last year, the first crystals' war took place in the Europe and CIS territories. Twelve squads met at the green-lit arena on the Dota 2 vastness and started a dangerous and lengthy contest for the Radiant crystal.

We saw the legendary owners of Aegis of Champions, descended from the pedestal to please mortals for fun, the might of the once-powerful Empire, now weakened after troubled times, and some fighters whose history had long been washed away to the ground like a sandcastle.

Battles took place immediately on two fronts, and Ninjas in Pyjamas, led by the legendary ppd warrior, became triumphant in the West. Their path was not easy: the maximum possible resources were used in each fight, and the fact that two enemies had been beaten before NiP appeared in the arena didn't affect the outcome.

In the East, Team Empire held one of its last loud battles and succeeded: The Pango got lost in the Radiant jungles, and the Empire warriors took full advantage of the chance. When only two rivals left, and one of most severe and prolonged matches that Dota 2 fans had ever seen, happened. The ppd experience and magnificent 33's game were the keys to winning West Coast guests.



Ninjas in Pyjamas has become the first team to contend for the power of Mad Moon, and in less than a month, their renewed squad will again plunge into the abyss of crazy battles. Even more severe opponents will appear in front of them this time.

The story pauses at this point, but not for long: there are three more legends that need to be told. We also leave a couple of useful volumes for those who want to study our archives:

Memories of eyewitnesses of Tug of War: Radiant 

The strongest warriors hall of fame 

All the important information on the upcoming WePlay! Mad Moon tournament can be found following the special tag


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