Treyarch promised to deal with team kills in Call of Duty: Blackout soon

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As right now it makes you a good bank

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout beta barely started and players already came up with a list of issues that the devs of the battle royale mode need to fix as soon as possible. One of them is ability to kill your teammate and grab his loot. 

Based on what Treyarch rep said on Reddit, they’re fixing the issue and monitoring everyone who abuses the bug. Those who do that will be banned using “Report Player” function. There’s also a critical sound bug that doesn’t let you determine enemy position properly. For instance, player who’s under/above you may sound much louder than supposed to. The post says "When the game is released, footsteps will be properly impacted by walls, floors, ceilings, and other objects in the world." Well, we can only trust they are bringing the fix fast enough. 

In addition to that, the devs plan to rework visuals of impacts so that players would know where bullets hit, whether that is vehicle or player. Armor damage indicator will be added as well to make it easier to understand how much damage your armor can block at that moment. 

You can find full list of answers by Treyarch here

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