Treasure update in Dota 2 reveals droprate percentages for lootboxes

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Dota 2 gets a Treasure and a quality of life patch

Along with some other quality-of-life changes

Valve has introduced a new Treasure for Dota 2 and released a minor update that makes the RNG of drops more transparent. From now on you can see the odds of getting a rare, very rare or extremely rare drop by clicking on the small arrow to the right from the item of interest.

Now you can calculate how much you need to spend to get that Nature’s Prophet set.

Dota Plus subscribers gain additional advantage from this update. Players now can recycle unwanted drops to treasure fragments. Once you get 6 fragments of the same treasure, you automatically acquire additional treasure and 2000 Dota Plus shards.

In addition to that, the update allows players to quickly change item sets for a hero after a match:

Enable the shuffle icon next to the Full Sets loadout and then designate which sets you want to include in the pool.

 Which set from new Treasure of the Carmine Cascade do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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